Why is Hybrid Flooring so popular?

“Hybrid Vinyl Flooring” or “Hybrid Laminate Flooring” is an innovative and relatively new type of flooring composed of several blended materials. These materials are most often a combination of wood, plastic and limestone. Hybrid flooring entered the market in 2019 and has been steadily rising in popularity ever since. It is now one of the most popular residential flooring types worldwide, accounting for over 23% of market share.

What is hybrid flooring made of?

Hybrid flooring is made up of four layers. The top layer is UV-coated to provide durability and prevent wear and tear in everyday use. The next layer is decorative and is designed to offer the look of genuine timber flooring. The layer below this is a limestone composite core board which makes the hybrid floor both waterproof and temperature resistant. The bottom layer is an underlay with acoustic backing for absorbing sound and providing comfort underfoot. It also has its own adhesive layer to allow you to easily fix the hybrid flooring to the subfloor. So, is hybrid flooring the right choice for your home?

What are some of the benefits of hybrid flooring?

Hybrid flooring is easy to install and repair, durable, waterproof, affordable and it even looks good. Hybrid flooring can be laid directly over existing flooring if the surface is flat and smooth. Installation can be carried by a handyman with no specialist equipment. In the event of damage, individual planks can be easily removed and replaced.

Hybrid flooring is extremely hard-wearing. It can deal with the demands of high foot traffic and provides a long-lasting option. It is also totally waterproof and can be used in any room of the house without the risk of water damage. Easy installation and repairs and low maintenance make hybrid flooring an attractive option without breaking the bank.

It can be both eye-catching and elegant and offers a wide variety of design options. It is possible to select from a range of timber-like designs without having to pay timber-like prices. In case you are interested in smart design for your holiday home, click here.

What about maintenance and cleaning?

Hybrid floors, like any other floors, require regular cleaning to keep them at their best. Cleaning will involve frequent sweeping and vacuuming and a periodic weekly wash with a mop and water to remove any dirt which has built up during the week. As hybrid floors are completely waterproof, there is no need to worry about water damage.

But when cleaning it is important not to use strong chemicals, oil, polish, wax or soap when cleaning your hybrid floor. Also, avoid using nylon scouring pads or steel wool to prevent damage to the floor. But normally the top UV-coated layer makes hybrid floors impervious to most physical damage, and even stains. So, you will be able to enjoy your hybrid floors for many years after installation, and in the rare event that your floor gets damaged, it is quick and easy to repair. 

Before you buy hybrid flooring, check the warranty. You will find that top-quality hybrid flooring comes with a warranty of 20 years. Always buy from a reliable and trusted supplier to be sure to get a durable, high-quality product for your home improvements.


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