Top Tips for your 2023 Holiday in Thailand

If you have pencilled in Thailand for your 2023 holiday, congrats on your choice; the Land of Smiles welcomed almost 30 million tourists in pre-pandemic times, making it one of the premier vacation destinations in the world. Whether you are planning to lounge on a beach in Phuket or go hiking in Chiang Rai, here are a few tips to help make your experience a positive one.

  • Changing money – Don’t change money in your home country, nor at a Thai airport, as you get a much better rate at any of the exchange booths once in Bangkok. Super Rich are said to offer the best deals and they have booths everywhere.
  • Choose domestic flights rather than coaches – Book an affordable hotel near Don Muang airport when you are going to fly to Chiang Mai or are heading down to Samui Island. You can find the cheapest flights online, it is often cheaper to fly than spend 12 hours in a coach and you are there within 2 hours.
  • Join selective Facebook groups –This is something you do a few months ahead of your departure, when you can ask seasoned expats questions about life in the Kingdom of Thailand. If, for example, you are into hiking, you can find out about lesser-known trails and quiet resorts where you can stay.
  • Translation apps – Why not take advantage of the latest language translation apps? Take a look at Play Store and download an app that you think will do the job. Technology is definitely changing our world and the days of scanning through phrase books are over; your smartphone is all you need! Click here for travel info on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand.
  • Use green and yellow taxis – You will see taxis in all colours, orange, yellow, blue and green and yellow, the latter being driver-owned. Any Thai national can rent a taxi for 12 hours, which is why you should hail green and yellow cabs, as you are less likely to have issues.
  • Google can help you find the best hotel deals – The world’s number one search engine can find the cheapest hotel deals and in less than a second! Whether you are planning a short stay in Bangkok, a week on Koh Samui or a visit to a spa resort in Chiang Mai, Google will find the best deals.
  • Avoid ATM costs –If you are planning on withdrawing Thai baht as you need it, be aware that you will be charged around $7 per transaction. The best way to avoid bank charges is to bring cash and use exchange booths, either that or purchase travel cheques and cash them as needed.


Take a look at the Tourism Authority of Thailand website where you will find all the information you need to plan your holiday. The key to a smooth and enjoyable holiday experience is planning and the Internet can help you to do just that. 


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