Who’s Courtney?

My name is Courtney Cole-Walters, a wife and a mom of two identical twins. I’m excited to be finally starting off a blog. I’ve been wanting to have one for so long and I finally found the time to make one.

I used to write for my school’s papers in high school and college. Writing has always been a passion of mine but never pursued it because there is more financial opportuntities working as a lawyer. So I’m really pumped about my new blog.

I’ll tackle different things here. Including finance, business, law(obviously), real estate, household shenanigans, my love for travel and parenting stuff. Being a mom is the most challenging in the world. Especially if you have two at the same time.

I’m grateful that I have the best partner to help me through all this. She and my kids are my rock. I hope you like my blog. If you want to know more of you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me a message!