What Are the Types of Poultry?

When it comes to chickens, you have several choices regarding breeds and varieties. Different breeds have many differences, including how they lay eggs and their general appearance. Before you buy your first chickens, it’s a good idea to understand their origins, habits, and common uses.


There are many poultry breeds, and each has unique characteristics. Some are more suited to cold climates, while others prefer hotter climates. Some breeds in poultry farms for sale Arkansas can be kept in smaller enclosures than others. Breeds of poultry can be useful for both commercial and personal purposes. There are many breeds of chicken, from egg layers to meat birds. There are also hybrid varieties that can provide a variety of benefits. 


One of the habits of poultry is egg eating. In general, laying hens will lay eggs in the same location. However, as their production rate increases, they tend to flock to a new nest, producing two to three times more eggs than the previous one. Flocking can be discouraged by limiting the number of nests and housing birds only when laying has begun. This can reduce the rate of eggs laid on the floor and litter.


Chickens have been around for a long time, and their origins are still a mystery to many. One theory points to red junglefowl from Southeast Asia, which is believed to be the ancestors of today’s chickens. Another theory points to a species known as the gray junglefowl, which shares many traits with modern chickens. Poultry farming first became an expanding livestock industry during the early twentieth century. The popularity of chicken meat and eggs helped to grow this industry. There are no religious restrictions regarding chicken meat, which can be grown anywhere. 

Common uses

Poultry and its products are used for a variety of purposes. The main purpose is to produce eggs and meat. Other common uses include poultry manure, a fertilizer used by farmers. Aside from these two main purposes, poultry is also raised for their feathers, which are used for pillows and insulated clothing. Poultry is one of the most commonly consumed meats worldwide, thanks to its low fat and protein content. However, it is important to ensure that poultry is handled properly and cooked thoroughly before eating it. This reduces the risk of food poisoning. 


Feeding poultry requires a variety of resources. Smallholders with the backyard or semi-intensive systems must supplement commercial feeds with home-produced products. For example, poultry can be fed household waste, such as unused vegetables. Other alternatives to commercial feeds include cassava, sweet potato, coco yam, arrowroot, palm oil, and coconut residues.

Commercial poultry producers usually purchase formulated complete feeds. These are designed to provide the best balance of ingredients and optimize bird performance and health. Formulated feeds are also easier to manage and convenient, especially if you use an automated feeding system. The nutritional content of formulated feeds differs by species and by age.


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