Ways to Choose the Right Sectional Sofa for Your Family Room

Sectionals are a great way to maximize seating in a family room, but you need to be sure the dimensions work for your space and that the layout leaves walkways and doors clear. It’s a good idea to tape out the shape and size of your sectional on the floor before you buy it.


Unlike standard sofas in a few sizes, sectional couches can be crafted into various shapes to fit any space. The most common types of sectionals are L-shaped and U-shaped. Other configurations include a chaise and apartment sofa or a semicircular layout. Choose modular sectionals Toronto, ON, with a fabric that will coordinate with your room’s color scheme. Leather sectionals add a luxurious feel, while neutral-colored fabrics like cotton or linen work well for families with children or pets.

Make sure to measure your space to get an accurate picture of how much seating capacity you’ll have. Leave ample room for walkways and a couple of feet of open space around the sectional to avoid crowding your family room.


When selecting a sectional, knowing how large you want the piece to be is important. Mark off the area on your floor with masking or painter’s tape, and measure it. These measurements will help you find a sofa that nicely fills your space and provides enough seating for the entire family. Since sectionals are available in various sizes and shapes, they are perfect if you value versatility. You can even pick a modular type that can change and adapt over time. 


A sectional sofa is super-comfy and accommodates more people than a standard sofa, especially if you opt for a chaise option. This allows for feet-up lounging and can be a great addition to a room with lots of use for movie nights and family gatherings.

Sectionals work well in small spaces and can be even more space efficient than a sofa and chair combo. They can also be a good fit for large rooms that benefit from being broken into smaller seating areas.

Choose a sectional with a chaise that can be positioned left or right, depending on how you plan to use the lounge. This will help you avoid blocking sight lines through the room or blocking access to a window or other features.


A sectional sofa consists of multiple interlocking sofa components that can be configured to fit your room and seating needs. These sofas offer more versatility and often feature extra flourishes like chaise lounges for lounging or additional seating. However, these elements can also make the sofa look out of proportion with the rest of the room. Aim for a size less than two-thirds of the wall length to avoid overbearing your space.

When selecting a sectional, leave enough room for walking paths and avoid blocking architectural features like fireplaces, windows, or built-in shelving. You can also add seating by placing chairs or love seats in front of your sectional.


Sectionals offer a range of fabrics that can complement any decor style. Some can even be disassembled into pieces used as standalone seating or furniture. They’re also easier to clean than traditional sofas.

For family rooms requiring more sitting space, a U-shaped sectional provides a comfortable seat for multiple people to relax together. They typically feature a central sofa with chaises on either side, perfect for feet-up lounging. Other options include a semicircular layout that maximizes seating comfort in a compact space and symmetrical sectionals for a balanced look. The ability to change a sectional’s configurations is another bonus for families who love to rearrange their home furnishings with the seasons or their mood.


The right sectional is a big investment for your family room. Luckily, there are plenty of options to fit different budgets. Look for a sofa or chaise with a removable cushion to keep the fabric clean. Measure your space and plan your new sectional before you buy. And be sure to avoid blocking architectural features such as fireplaces or built-in shelving. You can enjoy these features and still have a comfortable, relaxing place. Also, consider the number of people you expect to entertain regularly.


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