5 Reasons Why Rug Pad Cleaning is Essential for Your Home

Rug pads protect both rugs and the flooring underneath them. They prevent bunching, wrinkling, and shifting, which can cause a safety hazard. They also allow airflow to keep dirt particles from being pressed into the rug fibers and the floor.

Increases the Life of Your Rug

Rugs add a touch of style and warmth to any room, but they are prone to shifting as you move around furniture, which causes them to rub on the floor, causing premature wear. Rug pads prevent this rubbing and extend the life of your rugs. Rug pad ridges or bumps help trap dirt particles, making them easier to vacuum. The pad also prevents wet spills from reaching the carpet or floors beneath your rugs, which can ruin the carpet color and rot hardwood floors. Most rug pads are machine washable so that they can be washed along with your rugs and other fabrics in your home. Outdoor rug pads should be shaken out twice a week or more during the winter and after storms to reduce dirt build-up.

Prevents Scratches

A rug pad prevents rugs from shifting and rubbing against the floor. This friction can wear down a rug’s fibers prematurely, creating traffic lanes in the carpet and damaging the floor.

Rug pads are especially necessary for smaller rugs prone to slipping, which can be a safety hazard, or for large rugs that tend to bunch up on the sides of the furniture. They also help keep rugs from scratching floors and make vacuuming more productive. Solid pads should be vacuumed regularly on a low setting to remove dirt particles, pet hair, crumbs, and other debris that can build up. Typically, you will want to do this weekly. A good quality natural rubber rug pad is designed to let air flow through it, which helps reduce dust and odors between vacuumings.

Prevents Dirt from Staining

Area rugs give homeowners a stylish and affordable way to express their style. They offer an alternative to whole-home carpeting and present unique maintenance challenges different from traditional wall-to-wall carpeting.

Rugs not secured in place, especially smaller ones that don’t have furniture to anchor them, tend to slide around and bunch up. This can be unpleasant for families and guests, making it difficult for vacuums to work effectively.

A rug pad provides a layer of cushioning that helps hold the rug in place, preventing it from sliding and bunching up. A solid material rug pad can also help prevent moisture from leaking underneath the rug, causing it to soak into and stain the flooring beneath. Routine cleaning of the rug pad is essential, as is routinely vacuuming or dust mopping the floor beneath it.

Prevents Dust Mites

Keeping a rug clean is an excellent way to minimize the presence of dust mites. This helps reduce allergies caused by the mites and their waste. Using allergen-proof mattresses and pillow covers, washing bedding frequently, and vacuuming regularly also helps to control these nasty creatures. Rug pads keep rugs from rubbing and shifting on the floor surface, which can cause friction that wears down the fibers and degrades the flooring underneath. Rugs without a pad are more likely to slip and slide, which can be dangerous for children and adults.

Prevents Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew are serious health concerns for anyone with allergies or asthma, even those without these conditions. They thrive in dark, moist environments and can cause a range of health issues for your family.

The first sign of mold is a musty, sour smell in your home that is difficult to eliminate. If you notice this odor, check your rug and pad for signs of mold growth.


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