Unleashing HONOR 90: Wonder latest smartphone by HONOR

In the world of fast-growing technology, HONOR 90 UAE is staying up with it. The octa-core processor is reliably the latest one. This smartphone provides the latest 5G connectivity with high-grade camera features and other features. More we will discuss in the following article.

Body Design:

The body of the smartphone is shiny and smooth with smooth corners. The smartphone is available in three different shiny colors. 

  • Diamond Silver
  • Midnight Black
  • Emerald Green

All of these three colors are so nice and shiny. The smartphone offers smooth, shiny ergonomic plans. 

Screen Style:

The screen is 6.7 inches long. The AMOLED screen of 6.7 inches shows 1.07 Billion spreading colors. The changed corners are excessively cool to try and consider dealing with. Quad-Twisted Floating Screen is the most famous feature of the smartphone. You can use a cell even in splendid sunshine and it will not make any difference. The bends of the cell phone are getting exceptional publicity.

MagicOS 7.1: 

Next is its UI which is likewise worth hailing. HONOR 90 UAE conveys a specific visual person. They offered versatile font styles, engaging clients to redo the feel of the cell phone they need. You get numerous pre-introduced applications that make a simple way. 

The HONOR 90 parts are refined and upscale with the thought regarding the client experience. It runs on the most recent kind of MagicOS 7.1 Android with a changed UI, and nearby different programming climbs to give a solid and top-notch client experience. We will discuss the parts of the HONOR 90 that are merit lauding. This type of software is best for the smooth execution of heavy applications.

MagicOS 7.1 UI presents movement-based courses as a choice rather than standard on-screen buttons. Clients can investigate the contraption using movements. This part is planned to expand screen land and smooth out the user experience.


The cell phone has two variations given capacity and RAM.

  • 8GB+256GB
  • 12GB+512GB

Adreno 644 GPU:

HONOR’s item overlays revolved around further developing the PDA’s show to give a smooth handling experience to its users. The places of collaboration included features like GPU 644, which further developed plan execution for the high-quality gaming experience.

Octa-core processor:

One of the quality features of HONOR 90 UAE is that it is fueled by MagicOS 7.1 UI and the octa-center processor with a prevailing recurrence of 1×Cortex-A710 2.5GHz + 3×Cortex-A710 2.36GHz + 4×Cortex-A510 1.8GHz. The processor is phenomenally quick. It has been made possible by the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 Accelerated Edition.

200 MP Camera with 50 MP Selfie Camera:

The super-wide point has been upgraded by the HONOR 90’s camera. The quality aperture Multi-Video, Night shot, Picture mode, 4K Video, actually looking at reports, and Catch smiles have been made possible. Artificial intelligence has expanded the photography experience with the 200 MP back camera and 50 MP front camera. The phone is best for Vlogging and is also called VLOGGING MASTER.

Security Features:

HONOR 90 is outfitted with security components to defend client data and insurance. The facial affirmation and one-of-a-kind finger impression check to keep the smartphone secure. The item is like a manner including secure coordinators to store fragile records and applications, adding a layer of assurance.

66W charger and Lithium Polymer Battery:

The AI-driven power-saving components helped the clients with making the most of their device’s battery breaking point of 4900 mAh, growing usage time between charges. The supercharging is open with a 66W charger. You can charge your telephone in under 60 minutes.


Nonetheless, the HONOR 90 UAE is the main cell phone in the UAE these days. This has been made possible because of its excellent elements and responsive client experience. The operating system MagicOS provides smooth working This latest smartphone has all the necessary functionalities to overcome all the deficiencies of the previous smartphone. 


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