Tips For Succeeding At Long-Term Business Travel

High-flying businesspeople often need to travel to advance their firm’s prospects. They may travel far and wide and leave home for months or years at a time.

As technologies like Zoom triggered a debate of whether ‘work is no longer a place’, the firms prioritising traditional business travel are likely to land the best impression. It’s important to be seen and have influence elsewhere, and your firm can’t pass up these opportunities.

Still, long-term business travel isn’t easy for all. There’s much to consider in making a success of these arrangements. Here are some key points to consider down below.

Get Your Home Affairs in Order

It’s easy to think about all the adventures you’ll have while travelling, especially if you’re an executive figure with great travel arrangements and accommodation in order. Nevertheless, before you move forward, you must ensure all is well before you depart. Consider placing some of your belongings into storage.

Get an instant quote with services like Stored Away, which can stash goods for as long as you need. They can collect any packaged goods from your home or commercial premises and deliver them back to you when you return and need them again. These specialists are based in London, so look for a similar service if you’re based elsewhere.

It may be a good idea to upgrade the security around your property too. Having a remote feed to any strategically placed cameras is advisable. Alarm systems should be checked, updated, or installed. Otherwise, you could ask a neighbour or colleague to keep an eye on your property, but installing sensory lights may raise their awareness. These additional measures should ease your mind as you travel.

Manage Travel Logistics Well

Whether for business or pleasure, only well-organised individuals travel well. Manage the logistics responsibly. If you’re booking your accommodation, ensure it’s near wherever you’re conducting business. Ensure you have spare batteries and chargers on your person in case you need to power up your devices in a hurry. Develop a robust itinerary that prioritises your work obligations and leaves room for sightseeing, eating locally and other similar matters.

Ideally, your trip will mostly run like clockwork. While unforeseen disruptions can occur, it’s still worth having a plan. That way, you can adapt, not panic during disturbances, and generally stay on task.

Work on Yourself

While it might seem an elementary point, looking after yourself is vital during long-term business travel arrangements. It would help if you were in peak condition to represent your firm well. Many Brits tend to experience a drop in standards when holidaying and aren’t known for their travel readiness. You may also be more inclined to engage in bad habits, chalking them up to a series of harmless ‘one-offs’. Business adventures can be exciting, but you mustn’t lose sight of your main goal; to impress those you’re working with.

Therefore, you must remain disciplined during your adventures. Get plenty of sleep, eat well, and visit the gyms in the area. Go a few steps beyond this, too, and learn the native languages of the places you’re visiting and enough cultural references to make small talk and highlight your respect. You should never be idle during these escapades, and there’s always a new goal to reach.


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