The Top 4 Reasons Why Connecticut Should Be on Your Travel List

Traveling is often the highlight of a person’s year and it’s quite obvious to see why. It’s a great reason to get out, see a new place, and get to relax, and be yourself. One of the hard questions that you have to ask yourself is where do you plan on traveling? Instead of spending several days or even weeks thinking about that answer, why not consider Connecticut?

It might sound like a strange place to visit at first, but there are tons of incredible sights to see within the state. If you live close by, it will also help to keep travel costs down, plus you don’t have to worry about a passport to leave the country. Here are the top 4 reasons as to why Connecticut should be on your travel list.

Natural Beauty

When it comes to beautiful landscapes, Connecticut has plenty to offer. You can go for a walk along the Appalachian Trail and take in all of the mountains, or you go for a nice hike in the forest. If you are one for water and lakes, there are tons of beautiful lakes and waterways to see, and you can also go for a drive along the coast and enjoy the Atlantic Ocean.

The beauty of Connecticut is that you can see all of these on one trip, or you can take your time to really focus in on a few of these landscapes. It all depends on what cities you want to visit during your trip. There are plenty of great places to stay in Connecticut so don’t worry about not staying in your favorite town or missing out on a view. If you plan on flying into the state, we do recommend renting a car as you will really appreciate the natural beauty if you are driving around exploring the state for yourself. With so much natural beauty and hidden gems for you to discover, Connecticut definitely deserves a spot on your travel list.

Culture and History

Connecticut might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of culture and history, however, it once again has plenty to offer for visitors. You can visit the home of one of the most famous American authors, Mark Twain, and also check out the museum to learn more about his life and the books that he wrote.

There is also the Mystic Seaport Museum which can give you a great look into the past of the state itself. These are just scratching the surface as there are many more historic sites, museums, and landmarks that you can check out for yourself. Because the state isn’t too large, it is very easy to cover ground as well, allowing you to check out all of these landmarks in one go.

Festivals and Events

If you are one for entertainment and partying, Connecticut can help satiate your appetite. There are plenty of famous festivals such as the Connecticut Wine Festival, or the Mystic Irish Parade, that will allow you to dance the night away, enjoy drinks, and spend some time getting to know the locals. Apart from festivals and events, there are plenty of great local spots bustling with nightlife. You’d be surprised at how much there is to do in certain cities once the sun goes down. Connecticut offers plenty to see both inside and outside of the major cities.

The Food and Drinks

Being an ocean state, Connecticut boasts amazing seafood that is prepared fresh each day. If you are an avid fan of seafood, we do recommend checking out some of the spots that are right near the ocean. Along with that, Connecticut offers some delicious artisanal cheeses, wines, and beers.

If you are someone who enjoys fine dining and local crafted food and beverages, you are going to love what Connecticut has to offer. With plenty of breweries and restaurants in each city, there will never be a point where you are struggling to find something to eat. We recommend driving along some of the main roads in a city and seeing what pops out to you.

These are the top four reasons as to why Connecticut should be at the top of your travel list. If you are looking for a nice vacation filled with nature, great food, and great events, you can do no wrong coming here. It might not sound as illustrious as California or New Orleans, however, Connecticut has plenty to offer and you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you decide to take a vacation here. Where do you plan on traveling for your next vacation?


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