The Proven Benefits of a Male Masturbator for your Relationship

Asking a romantic partner how they feel about welcoming sex toys into the bedroom isn’t always an easy conversation: it’s normal for some partners to suddenly begin questioning their capacities between the sheets, wondering if something has gone wrong in the relationship. It’s important to be honest and communicate effectively with your partner: reassure them if they seem at first bewildered by your suggestion.

The truth is, sex toys, like a male masturbator, aren’t designed to replace partners: in fact, the best couples’ sex toys will enhance and magnify the pleasure both partners experience during their intimacy.

And the science backs us up on this one: not only does using sex toys improve our overall health and wellbeing as individuals, but couples who use sex toys tend to report higher sexual satisfaction than couples who don’t. So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading to learn more about what a male masturbator is and how they can positively impact your romantic relationships. 

Benefits of Using a male masturbator in A Relationship

There are several benefits to using sex toys in your relationship, not just for the health of your relationship but for your overall health and wellbeing. An automatic male masturbator presents all sorts of options for virtual and long distance play.

The Big O

Orgasming isn’t strictly the most important part of sex, but it’s pretty phenomenal when it happens. Orgasming is also great for our health and wellbeing: reaching orgasm releases the happy hormone oxytocin, which gives us a powerful rush of endorphins, relieves stress, and can even temporarily ease the pain. 

It’s also no secret that many women struggle to orgasm through penetrative sex alone: only around 18% of women report being able to orgasm without additional clitoral or external stimulation. This is where sex toys come in! By incorporating a sex toy into the bedroom – for example, a hands-free clitoral vibrator or a bullet vibrator – reaching orgasm can be more straightforward.

This also helps lift the pressure on our partners: when we have the power to take control of our own pleasure, reaching climax is easier, and the overall experience is enhanced for both parties. 

Enhance Your Positions

For many of us, great sex is simply a question of angles. Couples sex toys such as sex slings, sex wedges, position enhancers, and other sex accessories (or should we say, sexcessories?) can enhance your sex life and relationship by helping you and your partner reach new orgasmic heights – literally!

For example, position enhancers can help you and your partner hit the G spot by providing angles and reach that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Position enhancers and other sex toys/chairs can also help those with mobility issues or pain conditions feel more comfortable during sex. 

Bond with your Partner

Using sex toys is a great way to intensify your emotional connection with your partner. Sexual practices such as anal play and BDSM play require profound complicity with one another: by trusting your partner in your vulnerable moments, you’ll find that your emotional connection deepens, and your relationship improves both in the bedroom and elsewhere.

Studies have even shown that couples who regularly practiced BDSM together reported higher overall satisfaction in their relationships – so why not try out a couple’s toy together and reap the benefits?

Keep Your Sex Life Interesting

As the old adage goes: variety is the spice of life! One of the most obvious – and fun – advantages of using couples’ sex toys is that it compels you both to keep your sex life spontaneous and interesting. If you’re in a long-term relationship, you’ll know how easy it can be to fall into a sexual rut with your partner. When you welcome sex toys into your bedroom, you’ll be able to enjoy reliving the magic of those first exciting months together!

Use sex toys as a means of enhancing your intimacy and keeping your sex life varied and fun – and don’t forget, any sex toy can be a couple’s sex toy. For example, a vibrating cock ring is not a toy exclusively designed for couples, but would nonetheless make for intense, shared pleasure during sex. 

Explore Fantasies Together

Sharing sexual fantasies is a great way to bond with your partner – and being able to bring a fantasy to life is even better!

Sex toys help facilitate lots of popular fantasies, whether it be anal play, double penetration, or more BDSM-centric fantasies, such as using bondage, handcuffs, or restraints. Sex toys help normalize healthy sexual fantasies by demonstrating that there is a popular, mainstream market for your desired type of play.


Using couples’ sex toys is a net positive for any relationship. Not only will you enhance your intimacy with increased orgasms and a more varied, lively sex life, but you’ll foster a deeper emotional connection with your partner at the same time. Invest in some high-quality couples’ sex toys and take your shared pleasure to the next level. 


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