Proven Techniques to Help Women Achieve Squirting Orgasms

Women can experience a lot of pleasure. Many of them describe squirting as a sexual discovery or awakening.

Squirting is the female equivalent of ejaculation, and it involves the G-spot, a spongy indentation found on the front wall of the vagina. It can be accessed with your fingers or a curved sex toy. Here are some techniques to make a woman squirt.

Focus on her G-spot

If you are having penis-in-vagina sex, try positioning her to have the best chance of hitting the G-spot (or at least stimulating it). This is not only where the clitoral hood meets the internal clitoris but also stimulates the Skene’s glands, which are connected to the urethra. Enabling this area can cause a lot of fluid flow and even ejaculation for some women.

To find the G-spot, insert your finger into the vagina in a come-hither motion and feel for a slightly bumpy or ridged area — this is where her clitoral hood is located. For those who don’t have the skills to finger their clitoral hoods, sex toys designed with the G-spot in mind can be great at getting the job done.

Once you have found the spot, gently stroke and gradually increase the intensity. You can also lick and kiss this area to help stimulate the skin and bring on the sensations. Remember to relax and not tense up, as this can prevent squirting. Getting the fluid flowing may take a few minutes, so don’t rush it.

Use your hands

A woman can squirt with her hands alone, but it’s usually easier to do with a partner. The stroker can lubricate the fingers of both hands and insert them into the vagina, starting at the base with gentle stroking and then gradually building up the pressure and speed of stroking.

When the stroker is comfortable with the feel of her clitoris, they can switch hands and begin using the palm of their hand to rub the G-spot and stimulate the clitoral hood. They should also slowly start stroking faster and keep pulling up and down with their hand to encourage her to climax.

She should try to tighten her pelvic muscles and bear down as the pleasure builds up. The sensation may feel like she will pee at first, but she needs to trust that it’s not. Some women have difficulty locating their G-spot or getting to the point of squirting, but with practice, it can become more accessible. Women can also increase the chances of a vagnial orgasm by practicing Kegel exercises, which help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that control fluid flow in the bladder.

Use lube

Using lube can help you get wet and more sensual, which is a critical factor in squirting. However, arousal is more important than lube when it comes to orgasms. Try breathing techniques that activate the pelvic floor to build heat in your body, and work on building an in-the-moment connection with your partner.

Some sex experts believe using a water-based lube is better than an oil-based one since it may not leave as much residue on your body. You should also start with a small amount and see how your body reacts. If you are worried about making a mess, try covering your bedding with a towel or blanket.

Some sex experts suggest using natural herbs to increase blood flow in the vulva and intensify sexual pleasure. Others recommend incorporating slow, rhythmic stroking of the clitoris and labia into your sex game with your partner or using a vibrator to stimulate this area. Moreover, extended sex play is an effective way to build prolonged stimulation and arousal that can encourage squirting.

Play with her breasts.

While squirting may seem like women can do it. It just requires a little patience and the proper techniques. If you’re looking to help her squirt, try playing with her breasts and gently squeezing and caressing them. Try running your fingers through her nipples and licking around them as well.

It’s also important to note that squirting can feel different for every woman. It can be a bit like ejaculation, but it can also vary based on the level of pressure and stimulation applied. The feeling of squirting can also feel like a tickle or a light itch, and the sensation before squirting feels like it’s about to start, but it doesn’t always.

For the most part, emptying her bladder before attempting squirting is essential. This will help her stay relaxed and allow her to explore the clitoris and vaginal tissue at total capacity for arousal. It will also help her remain confident that the squirting she is experiencing is not pee but budding female ejaculate!


A significant key to squirting is being able to relax. Often, women get worried that they are about to pee, which can cause them to tighten up and miss out on the pleasure of squirting. It’s also essential for a woman to know that whatever comes out is okay, especially if she’s a frequent squirter.

Foreplay is also essential for making it easier to squirt. Start with gentle massages throughout the body, then move on to clitoral and G-spot stimulation. This will help her to relax and feel arousal from every angle.

To make the experience even more intimate, light candles, play sexy music, or watch a sexy video together. These simple tricks can help her to calm down and be more receptive to your advances. Prepping the environment ahead of time will also help. Lay down a large towel or a waterproof sex blanket like the ones from Liberator to minimize the risk of any mess. This will reduce her stress and allow you to enjoy the squirting orgasm together.


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