The Benefits of Lawn Maintenance

Maintaining a healthy lawn can make your home or business more attractive and increase its value. It can also provide environmental benefits, from increased oxygen levels to reduced soil erosion and water pollution.

A routine mowing schedule will keep your grass looking uniform and give it a fresh appearance. This can enhance the curb appeal of your property and help you stay within regulations set by homeowners associations.

Curb Appeal

A well-maintained lawn with neatly trimmed shrubs and an attractive front entryway is a great first impression on guests and neighbors. It also signals a cared-for home to potential buyers.

A fresh coat of paint on a mailbox, walkway or porch floor can be inexpensive to boost curb appeal. Painting eye-sores like electrical and cable boxes or air conditioning units the color of your siding helps them blend in with the house.

If installing new landscaping seems overly ambitious, a few well-placed planters filled with colorful flowers can make an impact. Add a water feature to your yard, such as a fountain that makes gurgling sounds or a small bird bath for a decorative addition that’s easy to maintain.

Weed Control

Weeds are unsightly and can detract from the look of your lawn, but they can also suffocate the grass and steal nutrients. In some cases, weeds are even poisonous. If consumed by pets or humans, they can cause unappetizing and potentially life-threatening symptoms such as indigestion, rashes and vomiting.

When a lawn is properly watered and fertilized, the grass will push out weeds without needing herbicide treatments. Additionally, aerating the lawn alleviates soil compaction and opens pathways for air, water and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass, keeping it healthy and weed-free. If weeds do happen to poke through, then you can always use a battery weed eater to help you get rid of the problem once and for all, and keep your garden looking fresh and weed-free.

Pest Control

Lawns that are poorly maintained can become the home of insects and weeds. These pests can cause damage to the grass or even invade your home. Pest control can keep these critters at bay, leaving your yard lush and beautiful.

The benefits of lawn maintenance include improving your property’s value and curb appeal. With services such as mowing, weeding, aeration, and fertilization, your lawn will look its best all year round.

A lawn care company Arlington VA will keep a healthy and well-maintained lawn that can help reduce soil erosion, provide a natural habitat for wildlife, and contribute to a clean environment. Aside from these environmental benefits, a well-maintained property can save business owners money by creating an inviting environment for customers and employees, promoting safety, and holding on to costly repairs.

Weed Prevention

Weeds are unavoidable, but regular lawn maintenance can help minimize their growth. Weeds are any plant that grows where it isn’t wanted, including dandelions, thistles and crabgrass.

Weed control is usually done with herbicides, chemicals that kill specific types of plants. These can be used pre-emergent, which prevents weeds before they grow, or post-emergent, which kills already grown weeds.

To avoid weeds, treat your lawn with excellent food every 6 to 8 weeks throughout the growing season. This will thicken your grass and make it less welcoming to weeds. Dethatching and aerating will also help prevent weeds by promoting soil health. A weed killer may be needed if your yard is particularly overgrown, but killing weeds without addressing the underlying problem invites them back next time.

Increased Value

A healthy lawn makes a property more attractive and increases its value. Those considering selling their home or investing in real estate want a well-maintained yard showing off the property’s best features.

A well-maintained lawn is less susceptible to pests and diseases. Tall grass and weeds provide hiding places for bugs and rodents, which can ruin the look of a landscape and spread illnesses. When lawns are regularly mowed, they can easily recover from these nuisances when they occur.

Various factors, including location and additional services, determine the cost of lawn upkeep. Aeration, mulching, weed control, insect management, and yearly leaf removal will all increase the price. These services can be grouped into a single package or selected individually by homeowners.



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