How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring Set

As if finding an engagement ring that captures your unique style wasn’t tricky enough, choosing the perfect wedding band to complement it is even more of a challenge. 

What is a wedding ring set?

An engagement ring and wedding band that are made to be worn together are called a wedding ring set. Using the terms “bridal ring set” and “wedding ring set” interchangeably is standard. However, a traditional bridal ring set only includes the bride’s rings.

Most wedding ring sets Williamsburg VA, are made to be complementary in some sense, whether in terms of metal color, form, or style. For instance, this matching band and twisted diamond eternity engagement ring is an attractive option for women who want to coordinate their jewelry.

While there are some traditional rules about wearing a wedding ring set (such as that the engagement ring goes on the left and the wedding ring on the right), you can wear them any way you like. Finding a comfortable ring that matches your style is the most crucial step. To assist you in selecting the ideal wedding ring set, speak with a jeweler for recommendations and assistance.

Engagement ring

An engagement ring is an elegant symbol of commitment to your betrothed. You can purchase an engagement ring first and pick out a wedding band later, or you can buy both simultaneously.

Traditionalists may prefer to purchase a matching set, but that is entirely up to the couple in question. There is no right or wrong way to buy rings; it depends on your preferences and financial situation.

If you’re purchasing a matching engagement and wedding ring set, consider the metal and stone color of your center stones to ensure that the rings look as seamless as possible. For example, round diamond engagement ring center stones pair well with various wedding ring styles because of the unique faceting pattern that creates their sparkle. A jewelry specialist can provide multiple inspiration galleries to help you find your ideal engagement ring and wedding band combo.

Wedding band

A wedding band is a symbol of your marriage and love. It is worn on the ring finger on your left hand as a sign of eternal commitment and symbolizes your union like your engagement ring.

An engagement ring and matching wedding band make up a typical wedding set, but more and more ladies opt to buck convention and customize their bands instead! One popular option is to build a ring stack with different bands of various styles and metals.

Men’s wedding bands are often designed simpler than their female counterparts, although plenty of choices suit any style or taste. For example, a simple silver or tungsten wedding band can be paired with an intricate mother-of-pearl inlay. Other options include an eternity band featuring pave diamonds or a simple metal band with dainty inlays or metalwork.

Gemstone inlay

When shopping for a bridal set, thinking about how the rings will look together is vital. Some couples prefer coordinating rings, while others prefer various styles that express their tastes. In either case, choosing a wedding band that will complement the engagement ring without detracting from its beauty is essential.

The rings should also match in size. It will ensure comfort, avoid friction, and reduce the risk of damage to the gemstones and metals. It is also a good idea to try the wedding ring on with the engagement ring so that you can be sure of the fit.

The ring-shopping process has been brought into the 21st century with online tools that allow you to customize your ring. 


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