Some Details To Consider In A Bathroom Renovation

Is your bathroom no longer sparking joy when you visit it? Are you tired of the same old fixtures, tiles, and decor? If that sounds like you, then it’s time to renovate your bathroom! The bathroom is almost always a space that’s just begging for a makeover, somehow it usually draws the last card during the building process and no one really cares that much about how it looks, which is generally less than stellar.

It doesn’t have to be that way, with some thought, planning, and a little bit of fancy you can make your humdrum old bathroom into an oasis within your home that you will actually enjoy spending time in!

Let’s just say from the start that everything goes- the toilet, shower and tub, the sink, it all makes an exit and you start over from scratch. You may hire a designer, or you may wing it and do it yourself, but either way, there is one person you are going to need on board, and that is your trusty plumber in Penrith who can help you change out those fixtures and make sure everything water related is connected and shipshape. The plumbing is definitely not an area you want to DIY, that way lies disaster, so play it safe and get a pro!

Shopping from home fixture supply shops

Visit the home fixture supply shops you want to purchase from and spend some time carefully considering each piece. That new toilet? Don’t be shy, just sit down on it, you need to know in advance whether it’s comfortable enough to be an experience you want to repeat! Even a one room only home renovation is a big project, so being prepared is going to help a lot! There isn’t space to go over every aspect here, so we will focus on details that others might overlook:

Colour Palette – It’s vital to pick out a colour palette. This is a very personal decision, so follow your instincts. We will, however, maintain that bland ‘off’ colours, the likes of taupe, off-white, beige, and sepia, are permanently out of style, blah! Our advice is to go with fun, bright colours like dandelion yellow, lilac purple, sky blue, and lime green! These are wake you up colours that are perfect for getting your day started, and will always provide a sense of cheer.

Mirror – Go big. Really big. As big as you can. Consider a full-length mirror for one wall, and a three-part adjustable mirror for over the sink so you can get a good look at the side of your head.

Storage – Lots of it. Out of the way, but still easily accessible. 

Lighting -Proper grooming means you need to see your face. Have you seen a theatre dressing room? Those are the lights you’re looking for.

Permits and Codes – Make sure your renovations comply with the local building codes and regulations.

The most important thing is to have fun creating a great space you will enjoy visiting every day!


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