Job Search By Choosing A Company First!

If you are embarking on a job search, the typical wisdom is to focus on a specific job title or position. What most people don’t consider is first deciding on a company you would like to work for, then modelling your search toward getting hired there! The question then is, how do you choose that company?

Searching for a job

A job is a whole lot more than just your title and duties, you want to go to work for a company that shares your aspirations and outlook on life. Do they offer the benefits and perks you want in your career, like paid holiday leave, salary sacrifice, and annual bonuses? Will there be a chance for you to grow and expand your opportunities within the company? These are important matters to take into account. Let’s consider some of the things to look for when choosing the company you want to go to work for:

Pick Your Industry – Before you can choose a company you need to know what you want to do first. What have you trained for? If you are a scientist then you want to work for some kind of a research institution. If you are into journalism, then a newspaper or magazine is the place to set your sights. Be sure you are really interested and invested in the career path as it could well be yours for a lifetime!

Make Your Wish List – Once you have decided on your industry think about the kind of job you would really prefer. You will want to choose something that fits the skills you have developed that is also stimulating and, of course, financially rewarding. By searching for a position with a pre-chosen company that you know in advance might meet those desires, you are much more likely to attain them and be satisfied with your choice. You will have to be realistic of course, no one starts as an executive at the top, but you don’t have to start at the bottom, either!

Become A Customer First – Nothing helps you get to know a company like being their customer! Employers are looking for people with a firm understanding of their products and services, and the inside info you gather from purchasing them yourself can provide you with a terrific edge when applying, especially if they recognize you as a faithful customer who is already dedicated to their products and goals!

Research – Once you have picked some likely contenders for the company of choice, get to know them, and preferably, get to know all about them! Search their websites for knowledge such as company history, who their CEOs are, and what they have done to build the business. If you can find interviews with your potential bosses, that’s pure gold, the more you know, the better! This makes for great interview talking points, too!

Remember, you can always check with Workforce Australia to see what’s out there. Good luck with finding the right company and the position you desire!


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