Putting Together a Rectangle Living Room Layout With TV Inside

Did you know that the layout of your living room is one of the most important things to get right?

It’s no wonder why so many people struggle with putting a rectangular living room together. They don’t know how to maximize the space and make everyone comfortable.

Today, we’re going to break down the basic rectangle living room layout with TV that’s popularly used. We’re also going to look at including a TV in the room so it’s not obstructing sight lines when the options are opened.

Choose a Focal Point

When putting together a rectangular living room layout with a TV inside, choose a focal point. This could be the TV itself, the artwork around it, a comfortable armchair, or the corner of the room. Make sure the focal point is the first component that visitors will see when entering the room.

It could be placed facing the TV, placed closer together around the focal point, or pushed further away in different directions. Similarly, think about the color palette within the space, such as cool and warm tones, to bring cohesion and make the room inviting. 

Determine TV Placement

When it comes to putting together a rectangle living room layout with a TV inside, it’s important to carefully consider the TV placement. It’s best to position the TV so that it is not directly visible from the door to create a pleasant view when entering the room.

To create a comfortable viewing angle, try to position the TV so that it’s at least five feet away from the seating, with the ideal center of the screen at around eye level. It’s helpful to use furniture and decor pieces to frame and draw focus to the TV, such as a console table with a few stylish accessories. 

Create Conversation Areas

A rectangular layout is a great way to create conversation areas. To create conversation areas, you should begin by placing the TV in the center. Then, use two large sofas placed perpendicular to each other and facing the TV.

This will create two sides for seating and is a great way to encourage people to converse. Each of the two seating sides should also have an occasional chair near them as well, for extra seating. Add in another furniture arrangement like a coffee table and side tables. 

Consider Traffic Flow

When planning the layout for a rectangular living room with a television included, consider traffic flow first. For example, if there’s a doorway leading into the room, position the furniture and TV in a way that makes the doorway easily accessible.

Additionally, create enough pathways between the furniture so that people can move around the living room without having to squeeze between pieces of furniture. Avoid having the sofa and chairs block the path between the TV and the door. 

Use the Right-Size Rugs

When putting together a rectangular living room layout with a TV inside, it’s important to use the right size rugs. Right Size Rugs are designed for specific room sizes and shapes, and their Rectangle Living Room Rug ensures your pieces of furniture are balanced and that the rug looks aesthetically pleasing.

The rug is sized to fit the rectangular room perfectly, so there won’t be any awkward gaps or uncarpeted spots. The sturdy, high-quality material is designed to last and will stand up to the needs of a busy household. 

Get a Big Coffee Table

When deciding how to put together a rectangular living room layout with a tv inside, it is important to get a big coffee table for the center of your layout. A large coffee table can set the tone of the room and become a focal point of the design.

It can provide a place to set drinks, have meals, do homework, and even watch TV. The size of the coffee table must be considered when deciding on one for your layout. A square or rectangular table should be selected that is proportional to the dimensions of the room, furniture, and TV. 

Put Tables at Arms Length

Consider sitting in the middle of the room, having a TV in front of you. To achieve a rectangular living room layout, place the TV and the seating area opposite each other. Place a couple of armchairs near the TV and a sofa opposite, creating a comfortable conversation area. For the furniture around the perimeter of the room, position small tables at arm’s length.

These tables can be used to keep drinks, books, and other small items. To complete the look, add a few accent pieces, such as a table lamp, sculpture, or statement rug. This layout defines the room, boosts comfort, and brings all the elements of the room together.

Capitalize on the Ceiling Area

A rectangular living room layout with a TV can be a challenging task. To capitalize on the ceiling area, consider creating a center focal point by placing the TV towards the center of the wall or even against one of the sides.

Make sure to install shelves above the TV for components such as DVD players or video game consoles. This is also a great opportunity to hang a few pieces of statement artwork or decorative mirrors utilizing the area on the ceiling around the TV.

It will add some visual interest and can even affect the look of the room with its height. Additionally, it can help balance the room visually with all the attention it draws to the ceiling.

Choose Moveable Furniture

Creating a comfortable living room with moveable furniture is a great way to customize the room to your lifestyle. Start by choosing pieces that can be easily arranged and rearranged. A couch, two armchairs, and ottomans can act as flexible seating.

 Make sure the furniture can move with relative ease. To incorporate the TV, opt for a low-profile TV stand. Position it in the middle or corner of the room and arrange your furniture around it. For glass-screen televisions, a wall mount or a TV cart with wheels are great options. Consider Wildwood TV Lift Furniture site for a variety of options.

Learn to Work With Rectangle Living Room Layout With TV

The layout and design of a living room should not be taken lightly. With a bit of patience and planning, you can easily create a balanced rectangle living room layout with TV.

Get creative and use the space to your advantage. Elevate your family living space with a layout that is uniquely yours.

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