How to Choose the Perfect Retirement Community for Independent Living

Many retirement homes or independent living communities offer onsite amenities, making socializing with friends and pursuing hobbies easier. When touring potential communities, be sure to take note of these features.

Health Care

Many independent living Wichita Kansas communities offer amenities, services, and activities to help residents maintain a healthy lifestyle. Look for things like recreational centers with a variety of games and activities or continuing education classes. Consider how these features could match your or your loved one’s interests and lifestyle. Make sure the community you choose has certified staff in CPR and other first aid procedures. Observe staff members interacting with residents, and ask how staffers get to know each resident. Also, note whether there are specific rules around who can visit and when. These essential details can significantly affect your ability to enjoy living fully in retirement.


When looking at retirement communities, it’s important to distinguish your needs and wants. Suppose you’re a senior still largely independent and moving to a retirement community for a sense of community. In that case, you’d want to consider a tight-knit living facility instead of a large fancy building. Visit or the website of a retirement community of your choice to know exactly where it is located and more.

You also need to figure out what level of care you or your loved one will need at this stage in life. This differs from place to place and varies from a little assistance to being completely dependent on someone else for daily tasks. Visit a few retirement communities to understand what it will be like to live there. Pay attention to whether the apartments are spacious enough for you or your loved one, if there’s ample natural light in each apartment, and whether it’s easy to navigate and move around. You may also want to ask how the community handles transportation.


When visiting communities, take note of the amenities and services offered. Ask about the monthly fee, which often includes meal plans, housekeeping, home maintenance, and utilities. This lets you compare prices and determine which community fits your budget best.

When touring a senior living community, it’s important to walk around the grounds and observe how residents interact with one another. Are they warm and welcoming? Do they make you feel like part of the family?

It’s also important to learn about the onsite amenities, which typically include library rooms, exercise rooms, and social activities. A community with plenty of options for your loved one to enjoy will help banish boredom and prevent a loss of mobility as they age. Ask about transportation options, which can provide a safe and convenient way to travel for outside excursions. Pet policies are another area to discuss, as some independent living communities allow pets while others do not.


Whether you’re seeking independent living for yourself or your loved one, it’s important to look for a community that offers a variety of socialization opportunities. This often differentiates between a happy retirement life and boredom and loneliness. When visiting a retirement community, ask to see their calendar of events and activities. Then, compare this calendar to your own to ensure enough offerings suit your interests.

Also, observe the community’s layout and how people interact. You want a place that’s designed for senior living and is welcoming of families. Look for features like hair salons, libraries, music rooms, housekeeping services, exercise classes, and a concierge. Observe how many different types of people are in the community to get an idea of its size and population. It’s also helpful to know how close the community is to public transportation routes and if it has easy access to shopping and restaurants.


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