Girls’ Night In Indoor Activities For Your Next Get-Together

If cooking is something other than your thing or you want to make things budget-friendly, opt for ordering in. Order a mix of appetizers, drinks, or desserts to keep everyone full and happy. Host a photoshoot night if you’ve got a group of Instagrammers in your squad. Pick a theme and have fun snapping photos together.

Alcohol Tasting

A night of alcohol tasting may sound like a chore, but it can be an entertaining girls’ night with the right mixology experts and delicious small bites to pair with each wine. Some people find the taste of alcohol to be terrible and bitter, while others enjoy taking several shots and describe it as nothing less than a rose bouquet. In practice, it might be difficult to tell how alcohol tastes. Trying non alcoholic spirits could help you enjoy drinking without having to sacrifice your taste.


If your group of girlfriends has a major sweet tooth, bake together during girls’ night in. When your friends ask how you make those perfect brownies, you’ll enjoy a tasty treat and have a new skill to brag about. Serve salads or swap your favorite healthy recipes to add a healthy twist. You could also make a craft that’s good for the planet, like this bird feeder that’ll turn your backyard into an aviary. Try a progressive dinner where appetizers are made at one friend’s home, main courses at another’s, and desserts at the last house. It is a great way to keep the costs down while eating well.

Ordering in

If cooking isn’t your thing or you want to avoid dealing with a big group dinner, ordering in can be just as fun. Pick a restaurant with a fun atmosphere and split the bill between everyone. Organize a themed photoshoot night if you have a girl in your circle who loves to take pictures or document her life on Instagram. Create some funny outfits and backdrops.


If cooking isn’t your thing or you want a night off from the kitchen, order various food. You can still have a delicious meal and enjoy the company of your girlfriends. Try baking together for those with a sweet tooth during girls’ night. Whether brownies, cookies, or cupcakes, bake something to share and #treatyoself! Another food idea that’s fun and healthy is a salad bar. You may also organize a potluck with your friends and invite them to contribute food that embodies their heritage or culture. It is a great way to learn about your friends and their cultures!

Spa Night

Having a spa night with the girls is always a good idea. Set up a foot soak and pedicure station with cute polishes for everyone to try. You can even make sugar scrubs or body butter to send home with everyone as a little treat! Invite a reputable card reader or psychic to your house for an evening of insight and revelations. It is a great way to keep things low-key and also affordable. Have one of your friends take photos throughout the night and share them with the group or on social media. A theme can elevate this activity. It’ll create a fun atmosphere and excite the girls about the event.


Asking your friends to bring something during girls’ night helps cut costs and lets each girl share a special recipe she loves. It’s also a great way to learn more about your friends — from their grandmother’s famous chocolate cake to holiday traditions from their native country. Choosing an activity everyone will enjoy is key to ensuring the mood stays happy and lively. Try a book club or movie night with a theme, like murder mysteries or romantic comedies. If you’re more spontaneous, try booking an appointment with a local card reader or psychic. They can give a fun insight into your friendships and future.

Movie Night

Themes don’t have to be over-the-top, but a fun activity can unite the group. It also acts as a conversation starter and sets the tone for your night. Invite your buddies over for a pizza and movie night that’s different. Break out the comfy pillows, blankets and dining chairs and serve popcorn, matcha tea and boozy cocktails named after your favorite movie. Please take it to the next level by playing old-school board games. These are the kinds of activities that keep you laughing and bonding long after the girls have gone home. You can even get a game with a built-in scrapbooking section to honor the memories alive.

Game Night

If you’re sick of catching your friends up on their lives or gossiping over a pile of clothes, try a game night instead. Think of fun games that will make your crew laugh. If your unit loves a good thrill, look into escape rooms. These are themed rooms where your team will work together to solve clues to make your way out in an hour or less. If one of your gal pals has a hidden talent, identify her and have her teach the rest of your crew during an evening of creativity and gab. For example, if your friend knows how to knit, she could lead the group in knitting scarves or hats.


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