Native American Tattoos – Reasons Why People Get Inked

Native American tattoos were an integral part of the cultures and spiritual beliefs of North America’s native people before European settlers arrived. They were used for cultural markings, healing, and paying homage to their heritage.

Many Native people still get inked today. But, for many, it’s a privilege and ritual they hold close to their hearts.


When it comes to getting inked, many people want to show their identity and affiliation with a particular culture. Native American tattoos are one way to do that.

These Native American tattoo ideas are very popular with many men and women. They can be found on many body parts, but the most popular are on the chest, back, biceps, and shoulders.

These types of tribal tattoos are not only beautiful but also have strong spiritual and cultural meanings. So it is because they are so popular among people of all ages and backgrounds.


Native American tattoos have significant meaning and beauty far beyond the aesthetic. Many people get them for their cultural significance and to honor their ancestry.

For example, feathers in Native American tattoos can symbolize trust, honor, strength, and power. They are also used to represent spirituality and a connection to the heavens.

Traditional tribal tattoos are still in use today, and people worldwide are taking up the tradition for their reasons. In the Arctic and Northwest Coast communities, for example, many indigenous women reclaim their traditional tattoos, using them to heal themselves.


Native American tattoos are a rich part of tribal history. They have been used for beauty, ritual, and identity over centuries.

Traditional tattooing practices are gaining popularity among Arctic and Northwest Coast communities. 

In Alaska, traditional tattoos are a way to express familial lineage, social rank, fishing rights, and rights of passage. They are also a way for Indigenous people to return to their power.

Spirit Animals

Traditionally, Native American tribes believed that each person had a spirit animal and that tattooing their animal totem would help strengthen their connection with it. In addition, it helped to protect them from evil spirits and ensure a positive experience after death.

A horse has many qualities that make it a perfect choice for a spirit animal tattoo, such as its solid and loyal character. It can also be a symbol of family, and it brings good luck.

This art isn’t just a trend; it’s one of the latest efforts to reclaim and share Indigenous culture. 


If you’re looking for a meaningful way to incorporate body art into your life, consider getting inked with a native American tattoo. They’re a popular choice among many people, especially those who admire the culture or want to pay tribute to their heritage.

In the past, they were used by Native Americans as a way to mark their status and achievements. For instance, warriors could be marked with symbols of their accomplishments in battle.

For women, tattoos tended to be placed over breasts, shoulder blades, and forearms. They were also commonly applied to the legs, from below the knees to the knuckles.


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