Must-Know Rules to Relocate to Dubai

Dubai is on the lips of many vacationers for multiple reasons. You can start from the Icelandic views of the artificial Islands, the beach balconies, and the fantastic nightlife. However, one of the city’s best-selling points is its resorts’ luxury, class, and prestige.

As you bask in the glories of this beautiful city, you may want to remember that he who is Rome must act like a Roman. Though not applicable literally, there are salient rules that will help you relocate and live more comfortably in modern Dubai City.

Fundamental Rule for Relocation

There is one all size fits all rule for your relocation to Dubai, similar to the oath of honesty and truthfulness. You have to say the truth and nothing but the truth (in the old fashion court oath-taking process). Please be aware that any false declaration, misrepresentation of facts, or concealment of information may hamper and even inhibit your relocation process.

That is why it is always advisable to declare your status and intentions as genuine as possible. You can read more on the official website where you will find helpful immigration and real estate tips. 

Tips for Expats Relocating to Dubai

Before you Buy properties in Dubai, the UAE, check out some of the following rules.

Some rules are more notorious than others; expats who prepare their minds in advance may need help settling in. Not to worry, here are specific tips on how to live within the books as an expat in Dubai, things to avoid, what to worry about, and how to enjoy yourself without breaking the law.

Prohibition of drinking

The drinking age in Dubai is twenty-one, but even that does not give you access to alcohol in Dubai. Being a predominantly Islamic society, drinking is prohibited in public places in Dubai. However, you can drink at your home and in specific licensed locations. Additionally, expats in Dubai are not allowed to buy liquor in Dubai unless they obtain a license. Lastly, on this note, you may be arrested for appearing drunk in public. The bottom line is if you must drink, it is better to do so at home and sleep off or go within your limit.

Living with an Unmarried Spouse

Living with an Unmarried Spouse was a crime until recently when the ban was lifted. You can now lawfully sleepover or live with a spouse before marriage. The law was criticized for inhibiting rape claims. You can also tone down public displays of affection with your spouse in Dubai. Although it is tourist-friendly, the law frowns against overt public display of preferences.

Same-Sex and LGBTQ Rights

Dubai is one of those places you need to lay low if you are a member of the LGBTQ community. Gay rights are unlawful, and you may have to maintain discreteness in your affairs. Indeed, do not show your stand in public.

In a nutshell

In a nutshell, be truthful with your application to avoid immigration potholes. Do not drink or appear drunk in public; obtain your license before purchasing liquor. Lastly, be cautious of too much display of affection in public and stay under the radar if you are LGBTQ.


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