Let’s Find Out How Much You Need to Pay on Average to Come Out of Jail After Committing a Crime

Whether there is a situation or not, you may be curious to know if securing bail for every crime is possible. It can be surprising to learn that all types of crimes allow you to post bail. However, it doesn’t imply every accused qualifies for this. The court grants bail to anyone after analyzing different factors.

A serious crime can have higher bail amounts, while some cases may not get bail. Or, suppose someone posted bail but didn’t abide by the court. In that case, that individual cannot get approval again. There are other situations also.

A person can be out of jail without getting bail approval. It is possible if they get an OR release. It can happen during house arrest, license suspension, drug testing, etc. OR release applies to only DUI-like crimes or first-time offenders. Generally, people convicted of serious crimes need to pay hefty bail, which one can arrange through a bail bond agency like Castle Bail Bonds. Let’s now explore what each crime entails in terms of the average bail amount.

Driving under the influence of alcohol & more

The decision about the bail amount depends on the past criminal records of the person and the extent of the new incident. Typically, it can be USD $20k for a DUI. However, if someone gets harmed, it can amount to USD $100k. If it is a simple hit-and-run case without significant damage, bail can range from USD $20k-30k.

Drug possession, selling, or dealing charges

Several factors can influence the bail decision, but a person’s intention and the amount of possession of a substance can be the main highlight. In Ohio, possessing less than 100gm or more up to 200g can be a misdemeanor crime. Depending on the quantity, one may have to pay a fine of USD $150-250.

While having less than 100gm doesn’t attract a jail sentence, one may have to spend 30 days in prison for carrying 100-200gm of drugs. You can predict the severity of the penalty if you have higher quantities. For instance, if the police catch you with 1,000 – 20,000 g of drugs while selling, distributing, or trafficking, it will be a felony, requiring you to spend 1-5 years in jail and USD $10,000 in fine.


Cases resembling a theft can cause a USD $20k fine. However, entering into someone’s property can lead to a fine of USD $50,000. The dollar amount can increase to USD $100k if you steal a vehicle.


Sexual and physical assaults are two different things. While a simple physical assault can cost USD $10k in bail, something involving a firearm may require a person to pay a USD $50k fine to get out of jail. A biological attack can vary based on the nature of the assault, consequences, use of weapons, etc.

If someone thinks they can get away with anything, these average bail amounts hint that legal procedures are tricky and expensive. It’s better to lead a safe life. However, if something happens, you should know your options. As mentioned, bail bond agencies can help pay any amount. But it would be best if you found the right place. They will take care of the entire bail submission process.


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