Learning Is Fun: 12 Amazing Ways to Engage Students

When you teach, you know the meaning of the word resistance. Your students hear the same lecture every year, take the same tests every year, and attend the same classes every year. They can feel like teacher burnout is creeping up on them, too.

The school does not need to be this way. There are many ways to engage students in education, to make lessons more fun, and to show them how learning can help them right now.

You can use some of these teaching tips to change things up in your classroom and see improvements in your students’ attitudes and abilities.

1. The Ripple Method

The Ripple Method is an innovative new way to engage students. This method, developed by Professor David Kirp, focuses on personalizing and connecting with each student in a classroom setting.

It involves taking regular “ripples” of time to build relationships and gain an understanding of each student’s specific talents and interests. With this, teachers are able to more accurately pinpoint what would really appeal to students and be able to tailor activities to fit the needs of the classroom.

It is also important to allow time for differentiation and to allow for natural interests and inclinations to determine the focus of the lesson. The Ripple Method provides a personalized and one-of-a-kind of interactive learning experience that is proven to engage and motivate students.

2. The Lecture T-Chart

The Lecture TChart is an amazing way to achieve student success during a lecture. This technique encourages students to think critically and apply what they have learned in the lecture to a real-life situation. It also provides a way for them to summarize and display the information they have learned.

With the Lecture TChart, students can take notes, identify evidence and create a visual representation of the material presented in the lecture.

Through this visual aid, students can easily recall the concepts discussed and form logical connections to apply the information to their own life. The Lecture TChart provides an interactive and engaging approach to learning, which can both encourage and motivate students.

Furthermore, students benefit from collaborating with each other and engaging in a discussion of the topic. Overall, the Lecture TChart is an effective way to engage students in a lecture setting.

3. Inside-Outside Circles

This creates an atmosphere of active participation for the students inside the circle and encourages them to think creatively and take ownership of their learning. Activities such as problem-solving tasks, engaging discourses, role-play, reflective sharing, and collaborative projects can all be incorporated into InsideOutside Circles.

Additionally, these circles can provide a safe space for students to voice their thoughts and feelings, promoting teamwork and critical thinking. By embracing an InsideOutside Circle, teachers are able to create an engaging learning environment for their students that encourages collaboration and problem-solving skills.

4. Whiteboard Splash and Gallery Walk

Whiteboard Splash and Gallery Walk are two engaging methods to draw students into learning and discussion. Whiteboard Splash is a type of brainstorming exercise in which a teacher formulates a topic or question and creates a mind map of related concepts and themes on a whiteboard in the classroom.

Students are then given the opportunity to investigate the ideas and use them to respond to the topic. The idea is to make it fun by allowing students to present their ideas, get creative, and interact. Gallery Walk is a classroom activity in which each student creates a poster or presentation about a certain topic and hangs it around the classroom.

5. Use Mixed Media

Mixed media has proven to be a great tool for teachers and educators looking for ways to engage students in the learning process. By utilizing a wide variety of media – from videos to interactive projects – educators can personalize learning experiences and make them more meaningful.

For example, teachers can employ the use of podcasts to provide students with audio-based learning and visual tools to explain concepts in graphs and diagrams. Furthermore, interactive activities can help to pique a student’s interest while activating their imagination to explore the topic more deeply.

6. Bounce Cards

Bounce Cards are a powerful tool to engage students and get them excited about learning. Bounce Cards involve students actively participating in the lesson by bouncing a card between two sides of the classroom.

The cards feature colorful images and fun activities, which draw students into the learning process, keeping them engaged and interested. Bounce Cards also encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills as students analyze and come up with solutions to the questions presented.

7. Brainstorm Together

Brainstorming together is a great way to engage students in the classroom, as it encourages them to share ideas and think outside the box. Brainstorming together allows students to be creative and find out each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Through brainstorming, students are more likely to feel heard, engaged, and involved in the process.

It also creates an environment of open communication, which allows each team to challenge each other’s ideas and come up with unique and innovative solutions. It teaches problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork. By helping each other out and collaborating, students can see more clearly the benefit of their ideas and the execution of the project.

8. Hold a Reflection Session

One of the most amazing ways to engage students is to hold a reflection session. These sessions provide a safe and non-judgmental space for students to express their feelings and opinions about the learning material and activities they have been engaged in.

Through these sessions, students also have the opportunity to build stronger relationships with either the teacher or their fellow students. Ultimately, reflection sessions give students an opportunity to be heard and respected, helping them to feel a greater sense of connection to the material and activities being discussed.

9. IQ Cards

IQ cards are the perfect way to engage students in the classroom. These cards provide interesting and challenging questions that spark the students’ creativity and mental acuity. Students can work on the cards independently or in groups with other classmates, making the activity a fun and dynamic experience.

The cards can also provide an opportunity for teachers to open up discussions and encourage critical thinking skills among their students. The best part about IQ cards is that they have questions that range in difficulty, so everyone can find something to work on and get their creative juices flowing.

10. Shake Things Up

It has become increasingly important to find creative ways to engage students in the classroom. One of the best ways to do this is to “shake things up.” By changing up the routine, breaking lessons into smaller chunks, providing hands-on activities, and utilizing flexible grouping, instructors can make learning more interesting and keep students focused.

Involving students in the decision-making process as much as possible is also essential, as it gives them a sense of ownership and can help to improve their motivation. Additionally, utilizing technology can bring a new level of interactivity to the classroom while providing students with the opportunity to explore ideas and express their thoughts in new ways.

11. Consider Tiger Tribe Toys

Tiger Tribe Toys offers an amazing range of toys and activities for children to help teachers engage students effectively. Their products feature a range of topics and interests, including maths, science, physical play, creative and imaginative play, and more.

The products have been designed with a focus on both fun and education that help kids transition from play to learning. The great thing about Tiger Tribe Toys is that they’re specifically designed to encourage important social and cognitive skills that are integral in the development of a child’s educational journey.

Whether it’s developing language, problem-solving, or even critical thinking and empathy, these tiger tribe products found here provide great quality and innovation for teachers to engage and motivate students. For themes and activities that are fun and educational, Tiger Tribe Toys are the perfect way to engage students and encourage learning.

12. Origami Review Game

Origami Review educational games are an amazing way to engage students, particularly those in early childhood and elementary school ages, in academic or extracurricular activities! The game involves making paper crafts such as origami and is designed to quiz the students on a certain topic.

Students create their own origami models, such as a boat, turtle, or crane. Next, the students are allowed to ask each other questions, and the other students must answer them by referring back to the origami model they made.

Learn More About Engage Students

To engage students in learning will be an invaluable tool for useful and effective teaching. There are many ways to do this, such as using hands-on activities, group work, technology, and fostering creativity. With these tips, teachers can start to create an environment that encourages students to grow and develop. 

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