5 Services Offered By Refrigeration Companies

It doesn’t matter if you own a restaurant, deli, food truck, or ice cream shop. You must provide your customers with essential services every day.

If your commercial refrigeration equipment goes down, you can’t provide those services. There are many factors that can cause failure in equipment. It could be improper maintenance, abuse by your staff, or getting to the end of its lifespan.

That’s where a trusted commercial refrigeration company can help. Here are five key services you can count on from refrigeration companies.

Residential Refrigeration Companies

A residential refrigerator repair company offers repairs and maintenance for all types of refrigeration systems. These include reach-in refrigerators, freezers, commercial coolers, and commercial ice machines.

Here are the services they can provide for residential customers.

1. Sealing and Spray Insulation

One such service offered is sealing and spray insulation. Outside temperatures have a huge effect on refrigeration. This means that it is a must to keep the warm air out and the cold air in. Sealing and spray insulation can prevent air from entering the refrigeration compartment. It helps maintain the desired temperature inside the refrigerator.

Sealing and insulation can ensure that the refrigeration unit is energy efficient. It protects food products and other items in need of refrigeration and cold storage. Refrigeration companies can help plan and install a sealed system. They also make sure it’s tailored to a customer’s specific needs.

2. Gaskets and Door Seals

Gaskets are vital components for maintaining a secure door seal. These are responsible for keeping the cold air inside the unit. The gaskets and seals of refrigerators can become cracked or torn. The unit can lose refrigerator capacity, and the energy bills may increase.

Residential refrigeration companies can replace worn or broken gaskets and seals. They can carry out regular maintenance of the door seal and gaskets by checking for any signs of damage. 

3. Regular Inspections and Repairs

A common service that’s included is regular inspections. It helps identify any potential problems before they become major repairs. These services also include parts replacement and repairs.

Trained technicians perform the repairs for a customer. They have the latest knowledge, tools, and techniques to ensure quality repairs.

4. Preventative Maintenance

Over time, refrigeration units may accumulate dust, dirt, and debris. These build up and impede the efficiency of the machine. Routine maintenance will help ensure that the unit works at its peak performance.

Regular maintenance can also preserve expensive parts. It reduces breakdowns and prevents the need for costly repairs.

5. Provides Professional Advice on the Best Refrigeration Systems

Refrigerator repair companies have expert knowledge of the various brands and designs available in the market. They also offer modifications required to the existing setups. They are able to provide advice on the best energy-efficient and cost-effective units.

Residential refrigeration companies can also install the units. They can check the temperature and make sure to maintain proper settings. Residential refrigeration companies can provide you with the most knowledgeable and tailored advice.

Commercial Refrigeration Companies

Services offered by commercial refrigeration companies can range depending on the company. They can support commercial glass-front coolers and freezers. They can also handle walk-in coolers, deli cases, and ice cream freezers.

Here are common services that a refrigeration company can provide to commercial owners.

1. Installation of New Commercial Refrigeration Systems

During the installation process, technicians will measure the space in the customer’s facility. It ensures the customer has the correct equipment size. A technician will then install the new system and make sure it is functioning.

They can also install specialized refrigeration equipment such as a 4 valve manifold. The technician will check the specifications of the new model. They will make sure that it complies with current safety guidelines.

2. Offer Specialized Services

Refrigeration companies offer specialized services designed to meet the needs of commercial users, from energy auditing and system design to installation. It also includes maintenance and repair of commercial chillers and cold storage units. These companies provide customized solutions to meet the needs of their customers.

They can also provide specialized services such as:

  • filter services
  • motors and fans services
  • ductwork services
  • energy efficiency services

These companies can also offer equipment upgrades. They can provide advice on energy efficiency programs and performance consulting. This ensures a higher efficiency level and cost savings.

Many of these companies also offer 24/7 emergency services. They make sure that when an issue arises, customers can receive a timely response to their needs.

3. Repair and Routine Maintenance

Repair and routine maintenance are amongst the most popular services offered. It addresses any potential issues that may arise can arise. Companies feature scheduled corrective maintenance programs. It can include planned maintenance visits, preventive cleaning, and functional monitoring.

These plans also help customers focus on their repairs. It allows customers to save on costs. It also helps them avoid the majority of disruption with proper and timely care.

A commercial refrigeration company offers emergency services for unexpected breakdowns. They can also help with warranty claim administration and customer training.

4. Installation and Hookup of Ammonia and Freon Systems

Refrigeration systems have different means of operating. This could include the following:

  • Ammonia systems
  • Carbon Dioxide systems
  • glycol systems
  • stand-alone Freon systems and chillers
  • snow melt systems

The installation process can be difficult. It requires experienced technicians to ensure proper installation and maintenance of the systems. These technicians also have the necessary skills and required certifications to perform the job. It gives the customer peace of mind with installation and maintenance.

5. Provides Advice on How to Be Efficient With Your System

Refrigeration companies offer advice on how to be efficient with your system. Not having proper maintenance can lead to energy waste. It leads to higher utility bills and potential system malfunctions. Professional companies understand how to maximize efficiency through specialized maintenance and routine services.

They can inspect your equipment and recommend ways to optimize your system. Refrigeration companies can provide consultation services. They can provide tips on adapting and upgrading equipment for energy efficiency.

They can also provide comprehensive repair services. They can even upgrade your existing system to the latest new technology. Having an efficient refrigeration system is key to any business’s success.

Hire the Best Refrigeration Company Today

Refrigeration services are essential for many industrial and commercial businesses. Their services include regular maintenance and repairs to emergency breakdown support. Refrigeration companies offer a plethora of services to meet every need.

So, don’t wait. Consider hiring a qualified refrigeration provider today!

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