Kitchen Starter Kit: Must-Have Cooking Tools and Gadgets

Do you love cooking but are unsure which kitchen tools are must-have items that work best?

We all have our favorite cooking tools and gadgets we use regularly. It can be very beneficial to compare shops to find the best. Our kitchen gadgets should last us several years if we choose to invest in them.

We will share with you some of the essential kitchen starter kit so you have a vast catalog to read through.

Knife Set

The kitchen is a place to create culinary masterpieces, and having the right knife set can make things easier. Knife sets include a chef’s knife, a paring knife, a chopping knife, and a utility knife.

Having the right combination of knives will make it easier to cut, mince, dice, or julienne foods quickly and precisely. They also provide added safety. Knives with edges that have been honed or sharpened can help you avoid slips that can cause injury.

Cutting Board

Your cutting board should be sturdy, durable, and easy to use. It should also be large enough to handle all the food that you intend to prepare yet small enough to fit on your counter space. It should not slip or skid and should have a non-slip surface.

The cutting board should also have a juice groove on one side that will prevent liquids such as juices from spilling onto your counter or other surfaces.

Choose a cutting board that is made from a durable material such as hard rubber or bamboo and that can be cleaned and sanitized.

Non-stick Cookware

The nonstick coating on the pans and pots makes them ideal for easy cleanup and easy meal preparation. Such cookware comes in various sizes and shapes, all designed to meet your every day kitchen needs. It saves you time and energy by requiring less oil and comes with advanced features to ensure you get the best performance from your cookware.

Typically, nonstick cookware is created from higher quality materials like aluminum, ceramic and stainless steel, designed to withstand higher heat and offer even heat distribution. Salting and searing food are simple with this cookware due to its non-stick nature. Plus, it’s safe to clean in the dishwasher for convenience.

Measuring Cups and Spoons

Measuring cups are great for measuring out larger quantities of ingredients such as flour, sugar, or butter, while measuring spoons are perfect for measuring smaller quantities of spices and seasonings.

With a set of these, you can measure exactly how much of an ingredient you’ll need for a particular recipe, ensuring that each dish turns out each time. Measurement accuracy is crucial when cooking, so having a set of measuring cups and spoons in your kitchen starter kit is essential.

Tongs and Spatulas

If you are new to cooking, having at least one set of tongs and spatulas in your kitchen is essential. They can be used to stir sauces, lift items from hot oil, and serve salads.

It is important to have kitchen tongs and spatulas of high-quality material that can be relied upon while cooking.


A colander is also a dependable and useful kitchen item for washing vegetables (especially lettuce) before use. Also, when it comes to rinsing quinoa, rice, and other grains, a colander is a must-have!

The holes on the outside of the colander allow it to function as a sieve, great for straining out chunks and large bits while letting the rest through.


The trivet keeps hot pots and pans off of the countertop and table. You can even check this custom black trivet that is designed to save fingers and counters from burns & spills! The trivet is cast iron and has a modern, sleek design.

The lightweight design is also great for storing away when not in use and is easy to move and place on the counter or table surface when needed.

Its heat-resistant properties mean the trivet won’t burn to the surface, and its anti-slip legs mean the hot pot or pan won’t slide around. This custom black trivet is an essential tool for any serious cook or kitchen starter and is perfect for a busy kitchen!

A Whisk

It’s the perfect tool for emulsifying liquids, combining flour and liquid ingredients, mixing batters, stirring sauces and whipping cream, and egg whites.

Whisks come in a variety of sizes and styles and are made of metal wire that is looped in a helix shape. A tubular or balloon whisk is a good choice for whipping egg whites, combining light mixtures and sauces, and mixing batters.

A flat whisk is best for stirring and scraping pans and pots that are already on the stove. Its wires are bendable to fit into tight spots, and its wider surface area is great for moving larger amounts of material. A whisk is essential to any kitchen because it makes tasks faster, helps combine ingredients more, and encourages even cooking results.

Kitchen Timer

Timers are easy to use and can be set for any duration of time. With a kitchen timer, cooks can time the boiling of pasta, the baking of a cake, and all the other components of a delicious meal.

It can be used for both short and long tasks maximizing efficiency in the kitchen. Timers can also be used for fun, such as collaborative cooking activities for children that can help teach them life and kitchen skills.

Container for Food Storage

By having a proper food storage container, you can make sure that each meal is served safely and kept for later use. It also helps with portioning, as you can properly measure out the size of the food item for storage without waste.

Essential Kitchen Starter Kit You Need

Having the correct kitchen starter kit is essential for any aspiring chef. Make sure you have the right cooking tools and gadgets for the job.

Featuring must-haves such as measuring cups, mixing bowls, graters, and more, you’re all set for your next culinary adventure. Don’t wait; upgrade your kitchen gear today!

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