A Guide to Choosing Kids Bedroom Furniture

Are you getting ready to furnish your kid’s bedroom?

If you are, then you know how tricky this process can be. Kids are very particular creatures, and if they feel their new space isn’t up to their standards, they won’t sleep well, causing problems for you.

So what’s the key to picking out your kid’s bedroom furniture that will meet safety standards? Bringing a few tips and tricks to the table can help!

See below for kid’s furniture options that will help you make excellent choices. Let’s get into it!

Selecting the Right Size of Furniture

When buying furniture for your kid’s bedroom, it is important to measure the length and width of the room. This will help you determine how much space is available for the furnishings.

In addition, make sure to evaluate how many things can comfortably fit inside the room. Also, think about the pathway to the door and any typical traffic patterns that might be in the room.

Additionally, make sure that the desk’s height and size should allow for proper ergonomics and easy accessibility. Finally, consider how the furniture will grow when they are a little bit older. 

Design Options to Suit Every Style

When selecting fittings for your kid’s bedroom, nothing beats seeing furniture in-store. This allows you to take a look at the finish and overall look of the pieces to get an idea of how they would look in the space.

Also, the types of furniture that you select should be appropriate for the age and interests of your child. If the bedroom is meant for a toddler, look for easy-to-move pieces that feature storage to maximize playtime.

For a tween or teen, look for beds with added storage and built-in desks to encourage waking up early and studying. Parents should also remember to factor in adequate lighting, as this helps to create the ideal ambiance for both rest and play.

Finally, remember to choose furnishings that are durable and easy-to-clean, so that they can grow with their changing needs. 

Remembering Safety

It is crucial to make sure that all furniture pieces comply with industry safety standards. You should also check for any manufacturer recalls or warnings on the pieces you’ve chosen.

Additionally, ensure that the bed frame is sturdy and not likely to collapse. Check drawers, dressers, and bedside tables for any loose hardware. For bunk beds, look for guardrails on all sides for extra security.

In addition, ensure to place beds away from windows and put big furniture like bookshelf away from the bed as well. Always consider your child’s age and select pieces they can easily reach and maneuver around.

If necessary, invest in a step stool or bed raiser. Lastly, know how much weight the furniture can handle as kids grow up quickly, and avoid any cheap or second-hand furniture that will likely break.

Shopping Tips for your Kid’s Bedroom Furniture

The perfect bedroom setup for your child awaits. By following this guide, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to find the best kid’s bedroom furniture. Don’t settle for anything less than perfect.

Always take the time to consider your child’s preferences, the safety, quality, size, and number of pieces needed. Shop wisely and you’ll be thrilled with your furniture set choices! 

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