How To Source Industrial Laundry Equipment

When you want to start out your laundromat business, choosing the right equipment can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Especially if you are running another company, it’s essential that your investments are profitable and your plans are sustainable.

According to Commercial Laundries, Inc, commercial washers and dryers have various capacities, features, and costs, depending on their brands. In order for you to narrow things down and make the sourcing process more efficient, here are some key things to consider before you invest in commercial laundry units. 

Allocated Budget and Total Costs

A laundromat business must include installation, regular maintenance, and other additional services, so you must fit everything into your total investment costs. The initial equipment costs can be expensive, so you must research different brands and offers to stick to your budget. Many commercial unit distributors offer flexible payment options like leasing, bulk purchases, discounted services, and so on.

Also, checking your warranty plan is a must. Most commercial washers and dryers have a ten-year warranty plan, but some parts may not be insured. Consulting with expert distributors will help you make sound financial decisions.

Space and Capacity 

The second most crucial aspect of your laundromat business is the size of your actual space. Depending on how large your laundry room will be, you may have to buy different sorts of equipment. 

For example, you have an apartment complex with a smaller space allocated for washing and drying machines. In that case, your top priority will be to use as much space and install as many units as possible.

This means that you will have to ditch top-load units altogether. They are larger in size and cannot be stacked on top of each other. Your primary focus should be on two-unit front-load commercial washers and dryers. 

Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Laundromats

Protecting our environment is not just a trendy practice but a legal obligation. Saving energy and water does not just benefit nature but your pockets as well. If you know what to look for, it can be profitable.

Commercial units that are Energy Star-approved can handle just as many loads with less cost and more profit margins. Technology is advancing so quickly that investing in newer machines can be cheaper than maintaining older ones. 

Intuitive Design And Payment

The satisfaction of your clients should always be a priority. The happier the clients, the more successful the business. Those that will operate your equipment need to understand how to use it quickly and how long it will take to finish everything. 

You also have to take into consideration what type of payment you want. Typically, coin drops and card readers are the most popular, but more and more businesses are using app payments to avoid transactional fees and keep everything hygienic. Not to mention that it’s easier for you to track daily revenue from anywhere in the world.

Responsible And Serious Distributors 

In the laundry industry, each business typically collaborates with a distributor firm. They usually offer leasing options and have regular contractual maintenance for any laundry operation.

If you need extensive help, some can even help you design, transport, and install your commercial equipment. Most even offer free consultations, so you can check plenty of firms and choose the right one at no extra cost. 


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