How to Make Your Husband Attracted to You Again

Overtime in our relationships it seems we are no longer attracted to each other, like when much earlier, this feeling is more common in marriage, if you are in this bracket and you feel your husband is no more attracted to you like before. Do not worry again, because you can make him get attracted to you again if you spice things up a bit. Some of the ways to make your husband attracted to you again include:

Dress up for him

You might think that you’re used to seeing him every day, but how long has it been since he saw you in a dress? It’s easy to get used to wearing sweatpants around the house and hanging out with his t-shirts on, so why not put on something nice for a change? Get some girly dresses or adult clothing to draw his attention and make him want you again. You can get the perfect type of dress for this purpose from

Be as romantic as possible.

If he is not interested in meeting you in the bedroom, make him do it by seduction in a romantic way. He’ll definitely appreciate this one. Set the mood by lighting candles or putting on some music, classical music is great for setting romantic moods. Then give him an invitation back into your bedroom by dancing with him or kissing him passionately until things heat up between you two and don’t stop there, go all the way. 

Buy some new lingerie

You want to do everything in your power to make yourself feel appealing again, to make your husband attracted to you again, this is necessary because men are often moved to respond to emotions by what they see.

Therefore, the first thing you need to do is get some new lingerie, and wear, making sure you flaunt it stylishly at him. Buying the type of lingerie makes you feel good and wanted, the type of lingerie that makes you feel like a goddess. It should also show off your best assets without being too revealing or not since he is your husband. 

Flirt with Him

Flirting is a great way to get your husband’s attention, and it doesn’t have to be erotic at all. Flirting is simply a way of communicating with your husband. It’s about showing some playful interest in what he says or does, making him feel like you find him attractive, interesting and want him interested and attracted to you. 

Shower Together

If you want to make your husband attracted to you again, try showering together with him. Showering together is a great way for two people to bond and build intimacy. It can also be an exciting way to spend time with your spouse if he’s been working long hours at the office and doesn’t have much energy left by the time he comes home from work to be attracted to you. 

Do Some Role-Playing

Role-playing is all about taking on a new persona, so it’s easy to see how your husband might be hesitant when you tell him that the two of you are going to play house together. You can ease him into it by simply saying that the two of you are going to role-play one night a week for fun and he doesn’t have to worry about anything else. You can start with basic scenarios like schoolgirl/old man or farmer/milkmaid. These simple roles will help build confidence as well as comfort level in your marriage bed. 


One of the best ways to get your husband attracted to you again is by acting like you were dating. Try some role-playing and have some fun together. You can also try out some of these tips, like buying some new lingerie or showering together. It’s never too late to show him how much you care about him, even if things have been tough lately.


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