5 Ways To Upgrade Your Lingerie Collection

If you want to make the most of your lingerie collection, you need to understand how to curate it. Luckily, there are five steps you can take to great underwear curation, and they help you look your best in any outfit for any occasion. Walking through each step will upgrade your look, but you need to make them into an ongoing cycle to keep your collection looking its best.

Toss Out Old Bras & Panties

The first step to better, more comfortable underwear is purging all the old stuff that just gets in your way when you reach into the drawer. Anything that is showing signs of heavy wear like decreased elasticity, thinning fabric, or discoloration should go to make room for the new stuff you need to upgrade your style for the season. Even if you’re left with a lot fewer choices, at least you will only pull your best wireless bras and panties when you’re fishing for fresh clothes.

Find Your Ideal Bra Type

Every body type has a different ideal bra type, and the right choice for you is going to be determined by a combination of your bust shape and general build. The key is to find an everyday choice that supports you in the right spots to provide a comfortable fit. Read up on the best choices for various bust types to narrow down your choices, then test out your options to find the suggestion that best suits you.

Figure Out Your Best Choices for Panties

Finding a good, cut for your panties can be just as important as finding a comfortable bra. This is another area where body type matters when you are shopping for underwear for women, too. Not every cut is flattering to every shape, and if your figure is toward the extreme end of some body types, there will be cuts that just don’t fit even when they fit. If you have ever tried on a pair of panties that are the same size as everything else you wear and somehow just wrong, you’ll understand.

Add Options for All Your Styles

It’s good to stock up on the most comfortable styles you can find for daily wear, but you’re always going to have garments that require a little adaptation. The right lingerie can go a long way toward making a look flow naturally, but the wrong choice can distort the silhouette you want.

That’s why you need to find body-type-friendly options for strapless bras and alternative panty cuts that still work for your comfort. You won’t need to stock these fits as heavily, but you should always have a couple options that provide good support for formal and unconventional outfits in addition to your daily standards.

Invest in Comfort at Home

Your first choice for style and comfort when you go out or go to work does not have to be your first choice for comfort at home. Choosing a tshirt bra that maximizes your comfort while you lounge or work on your personal projects can provide you with an inexpensive option that allows you to save your most stylish and rare selections for the occasions that suit them best. Find your cozy choices today to make your life after work a lot more comfortable.


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