How to Get Between the Popular Thai Islands by Ferry

Thailand continues to be one of the most popular holiday destinations around the world with those of all ages. It provides something for everyone, with its incredible views, an ideal climate for relaxation, and a range of places to enjoy. The legendary welcome offered by locals along with its rich culture and taste sensations provided by Thai culinary experiences adds to the attraction.

The islands in the south of the Land of Smiles attract those who love the activities it provides. Nightlife kicks in as the sun sets to create an atmosphere all its own as parties go long into the night, especially around the time of special festivals. There’s little wonder that it’s so popular, but just what is the best way to get between islands. Ferries To Koh Tao, Koh Samui and Koh Phangan provide the answer, providing a cost-effective way for the many backpackers who are among those visiting.

  • With all travel, reliability is a huge consideration for those choosing a particular company or route. Those operating Songserm Ferries guarantee this, which has gained them a wonderful reputation among their passengers over their many years of transporting them from the mainland and back. 
  • Over 30 years of experience has seen the company become an integral part of the transportation tapestry of the Gulf of Thailand. The safety and convenience that they provide alongside their understanding that travellers want a cost-effective way to reach their dreams, has seen their stock rise and passenger numbers increase. Those heading away may appreciate top tips to enjoy a holiday in Thailand.
  • The professional crews ensure that each journey is more than a ferry ride. It becomes part of the holiday experience, as each vessel guarantees that the voyage is fun as it provides 3 different viewing decks as well as the sun-bathed roof deck. All are spacious and perfect for those wanting to take photos, make their YouTube vlogs, or simply take in the breathtaking views, as amazing memories begin to be stored.
  • Plenty of comfort can be found in the air-conditioned cabins if the heat becomes too much, while the snack bars ensure nobody needs to go hungry or thirsty while sitting back in comfortable seats. The website allows bookings to be made in seconds, so there is no anxiety when turning up and hoping to get a place on board. It’s a team that continues to seek improvements, with soon-to-arrive speedboats on the horizon as well as additional routes. Maybe visiting an aquarium and tiger zoo might be part of a visitor’s itinerary while visiting Ko Samui.
  • The timetable between the 3 islands is the ideal way to get around at affordable prices. Those staying in Koh Phangan and wanting to see Ko Samui, can take a day trip, with a journey time of an hour each way, allowing 7 hours of adventure and fun on the larger island.


Getting around the stunning islands in the Gulf of Thailand is convenient, reliable, safe, comfortable, and affordable when choosing the foremost ferry company in the region.


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