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The Art of Visual Merchandising: How to Create an Engaging Slatwall Display

You’ll likely see neatly curated product displays in a retail store. That isn’t by accident–it is a well-known and tried-and-true visual merchandising best practice.

Color is one of the most essential elements of visual merchandising. It attracts attention, expresses meaning, and unites the environment. It can also improve items per transaction by promoting small, affordable upsells at checkout.

Use Multiple Colors

A store’s physical layout and appearance greatly influence how customers feel about their shopping experience. Every month, changing displays and merchandising help ensure your brand’s look and feel remain fresh, exciting, and enticing. Slatwall display panels are a durable, low-cost solution for retail stores that want to change their looks frequently.

Slatwall wall-mounted slot boards provide a blank canvas for creating engaging displays. These oversized wall-mounted slots work with specially made accessories like hooks, prongs, and shelves to accommodate a variety of merchandise.

Slatwall panels come in various colors, including white, black, and amber maple wood. They can also be fabricated with logos, graphics, and photo images to match a store’s interior design. They’re an excellent option for retailers looking to merchandise compact areas or trade show booth spaces.

Get Creative with Hanging Patterns

The right slatwall accessories can add a unique touch to your store layout. Creativity can transform your merchandising from hooks and shelves to waterfalls and baskets. Using different colors to highlight specific products or create themes also helps attract attention.

Color can evoke different emotions in consumers, so it’s important to use this tool strategically. For example, warm and bright colors can entice shoppers, while more fabulous shades like blues and greens are calming.

Understanding your customers inside and out will help you make the right merchandising decisions. This means familiarizing yourself with demographic data like age and income and digging deeper into psychographic information like lifestyles and purchasing habits. This knowledge will give you the confidence to create displays aligning with your brand’s values and customers’ needs.

Add Texture

Slatwall store displays are versatile enough to accommodate a variety of items, including hooks, shelves, and bins. They also offer high value in functionality and visual appeal, so they’re still the backbone of most retail display systems.

Adding texture to your trade show display with shelves is easy with a few simple accessories. Groove treatment strips and decor strip options enhance unfinished slats and help you achieve a more customized and signature look. Channel inserts can also add color and durability to your panels.

Whether you need to spruce up your workshop, home, or office, Slatwall is the perfect solution for maximizing space. These versatile fixtures, from freestanding towers to full-size gondolas, can be used almost anywhere.

Create Depth

When shoppers see well-curated product displays, they can feel part of a bigger story being told. This is the essence of visual merchandising.

It’s tempting to cram shelves, walls, and aisles with products in retail stores, but too much clutter can make shoppers feel overwhelmed and confused. Great visual merchandising involves great placement and extreme space utilization without overcrowding displays.

Creating unique in-store experiences has become increasingly important for retailers, especially as consumers shop less and buy more online. The goal of a store is to attract and retain customers by providing a positive experience that leads to purchases and builds loyalty.

Many retailers invest in innovative technology that blends the physical and digital worlds. These include smart vending machines, touch-screen mirrors, and VR showroom displays. In addition, they’re bringing people into physical stores by offering unique experiences such as interactive events and merchandise that tell a story.


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