How to Choose the Perfect Bridesmaid Hairstyle for Your Dress

Once you’ve found your dream wedding dress, the next big decision is what bridesmaid hairstyles to wear. But deciding on a style can be tricky because of different hair lengths and textures.

Face Shape

Whether your bridesmaids have short crops or long locks, many bridal hairstyle options exist. You can go elegant and sleek with a deep side part and wand curls, or keep it simple with a low tucked bun embellished with a few loose tendrils. If your bridesmaids have round faces, opt for a style highlighting their cheekbones and shifting the focus away from their chin. A textured bob or a gathered look with a bit of volume works well, and hair accessories that add height will also help elongate the face.

Hair Texture

Try a halo braid around the back of the head for a whimsical wedding. Complete the look with a flower crown or some other gorgeous hair jewelry for a garden nymph vibe.

The low ponytail is one of the elegant and timeless bridesmaid hairstyles Princeton, NJ, that works with various hair lengths and textures. For a little twist, ask your beautician to elevate the classic by keeping some face-framing strands loose for an extra romantic touch.

Hair Length

Whether your bridesmaids have long hair, medium length, or short locks, plenty of elegant styles will work for them. For instance, this low-side ponytail looks classic and timeless, and it’s a perfect fit for formal, boho, and casual wedding themes alike. Add braids, twists, and even a flower to make the style your own.

You can’t go wrong with this gorgeous half-up rope braid for bridesmaids with bob-length hair. This bridesmaid hairstyle works on a wide range of hair textures, and it looks especially striking against the teal green accent popping through the tuck. Try this breezy and textured ballerina bun if you’re having a beach or tropical wedding. It’s a chic style that will stay put in the heat, and it also pairs perfectly with a flowing floral crown. It’s a pretty and practical bridesmaid look that will keep your girls comfortable for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and dancing.


If you want your bridesmaids’ hair to complement the neckline of their dress, make sure the look you pick isn’t too tight around the collarbone or too wide on top of the shoulders. Similarly, a low bun or chignon won’t draw attention to a v-neckline and will keep an eye on your stunning gown instead of on any accessories your bridesmaids might be wearing with it.

On the other hand, a halter neckline demands an updo that will accentuate its delicate lines. If you opt for a tight, polished look with this neckline, use a pomade and shine spray to help your bridesmaids’ locks stay in place all night.


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