Get Ready To Play: Toys For 1-Year-Olds

Finding the ideal toys for a one-year-old can be very difficult for parents or other carers. You need to pick toys that are interesting and safe in addition to developmentally suitable ones. Thankfully, many fantastic toys for 1 year olds are available.

This article will discuss top toys, including farm toys and pretend play stores.

Farm Toys:

Since they provide a range of sensory experiences, farm toys are a great option. They stimulate a child’s senses to encourage learning and discovery, from the touch of soft fur on a plush animal to the sound of a mooing cow.

The Fisher-Price Little People Farm Set is a well-liked farming toy. A barn, a silo, and other farm animals, such as a cow, a pig, and a horse, are included in the farmyard playset of this toy. Because the creatures are the perfect size for little hands, your youngster can easily grab and handle them.

  • The Melissa & Doug Farm Buddies Hand Puppets are wonderful farm-themed toys for 1 year olds. These plush, fuzzy puppets are ideal for pretend play since they are soft and lovable. The amiable cow, sheep, pig, and horse puppets may be used to entertain your child, or you can use them to narrate stories and promote language development with the help of farm toys.

Pretend Shops:

Finding the ideal toys and activities for infants to be interested in and engaged in can be challenging. A terrific method to provide your child with a fun and engaging experience while they learn and explore is through pretend stores. A one-year-old can purchase and sell products in pretend shops, precisely what they sound like. These stores can be as simple as a few simple products or as complicated as shelves, play money, and other things.

Pretend stores have the advantage of being able to cater to any age range, which is one of their finest features. Providing a 1-year-old with simple objects to use and comprehend is crucial.

Even more enjoyable than playing in the pretend shops is setting them up. Give your one-year-old play money to use after arranging the objects on shelves or in baskets. Let them look around the store and make purchases with the money. Other tasks, such as sorting, counting, and categorisation, can also be included.

The child may have fun playing in pretend stores while developing social and physical skills. Kids can practice counting, social skills, and item manipulation. They can also learn how to engage with others. Also, it allows you to bond and spend valuable time together. Hence, if you’re searching for a novel activity to occupy your one-year-old, consider putting up a pretend store!

Safety Considerations:

Safety should always be considered while selecting toys for 1 year olds. It’s crucial to pick toys that are non-toxic and devoid of little pieces that might provide a choking danger for infants under one year old since they are still actively exploring the world.

Moreover, search for toys that are well-made and durable. Toys should be durable enough to sustain everyday use because one-year-olds can be strict with their toys.


In conclusion, there are a lot of wonderful toys available that are ideal for one-year-olds. It’s crucial to select toys that are age-appropriate, secure, and entertaining, whether you choose farm toys, pretend shops, or any other kind of toy. You may aid in your child’s growth and promote their enjoyment of play by choosing the appropriate toys for them.


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