Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt? Everything You Need to Know

Are you asking yourself if it’s time to get a laser hair removal procedure? Well, the answer might seem simple, but it depends on the type of laser hair removal you undergo.

While some laser types can be fine for most skin and hair types, they might still cause discomfort during the procedure and recovery. So, does laser hair removal hurt?

Here’s a general overview of the pain level per body part, from least to most painful.


Laser hair removal on the legs is generally considered one of the more comfortable areas to treat. The pain is often described as mild to moderate, similar to a series of quick rubber band snaps against the skin.

The legs’ large surface area helps disperse the sensation, making it more manageable for most individuals. Some people may experience slight discomfort around bony areas, such as the ankles or shins, but overall, the procedure is well-tolerated by many.


Like the legs, laser hair removal on the arms is typically associated with mild to moderate discomfort. The pain level may be slightly higher in more sensitive areas like the inner forearm or near the elbows.

However, most individuals find the procedure tolerable and relatively quick, as the arms generally have less dense hair growth than other body parts. If you’re considering laser hair removal on your arms, contact a licensed professional at for personalized advice and discuss how they can make the experience as comfortable as possible.


Laser hair removal on the chest is usually associated with moderate pain. The discomfort is often likened to quick, warm pinpricks on the skin.

The chest can be more sensitive than the back. Still, the procedure is generally well-tolerated, especially by individuals accustomed to other forms of hair removal, such as waxing.


The underarms can be relatively sensitive, leading to moderate discomfort during armpit hair removal. The pain is usually tolerable, but this area’s short and sharp sensations can be more noticeable. However, the procedure is generally quick, and most people find the long-term benefits of smooth underarms outweigh the temporary discomfort.


Dermatologist laser hair removal on the face can cause moderate to intense discomfort, especially in more sensitive areas like the upper lip and chin. The sensation is often described as a series of quick, hot pinpricks. Many individuals find the treatment manageable, especially for smaller areas like the upper lip, but others may opt for numbing creams to ease the discomfort during the session.

Brazilian or Hollywood (Full Pubic Area)

This is one of the most difficult places to get rid of hair with a laser. The pain can be anywhere from mild to severe, and the procedure may cause discomfort.

Some people may struggle to get through the treatment without a cream that numbs the skin. But people who want to stay smooth for a long time may like hair removal results in this area.

Discover the Truth: Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt

Laser hair removal is a safe, effective, and increasingly popular choice for removing unwanted hair. So the question remains, “Does laser hair removal hurt?” In summary, it is generally a painless procedure, with minimal discomfort during and after the treatment.

Discuss your concerns and expectations with your doctor if you are considering laser hair removal. Don’t wait any longer; schedule a free consultation today to learn how laser hair removal can help you!

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