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Who is Jim Nantz’s Wife Courtney Richards?

Courtney Richards might ring a bell for being the better half of the legendary broadcasting maestro, Jim Nantz. Jim kicked off his broadcasting gig with the CBS Radio Network after wrapping up his academic journey, stacking up over three decades of on-air experience.

The high point of his broadcasting career came during the NCAA Final Four showdown in Houston this year. Courtney Richards had her own moment in the sun as the former Sales and Marketing Vice President at IMG. The IMG is a global leader in talent management.

They both met for the first time at IMG while doing a sports broadcast. Since then they have been together till now.

Quick and Quirky Courtney Facts

Full NameCourtney Richards
Birth PlaceUnited States
Age45 years old
NationalityGood ol’ American
EthnicityWhite ethnicity
Eye ColorSporting some light-green peepers
Type of bodyTrim and Slim 
Hair ColorRockin’ the dark brown locks
Relationship StatusMarried
ChildrenTwo Kids
Children’s NamesJameson Nantz and Finley Cathleen Nantz
Net Worth$15 million
Online PresenceNot disclosed
Courtney Richards Wiki

When does Jim Nantz meet Courtney for first time?

The tale of Jim and Courtney’s encounter is quite the plot twist. They crossed paths through their professional lives, as Courtney was the big-shot executive at the sports agency representing Jim.

Jim Nantz meeting Courtney Richards for first time - Jims Nantz Daughter and family

Jim, the man of the hour, was under the wing of IMG, and guess who was strutting her stuff as the Vice President there? Yep, Courtney. Rumor has it that sparks flew even before Jim’s previous marriage officially hit the rocks.

Courtney was a spry 29 while Jim was hitting the big 50. Their love affair grabbed the headlines. In 2012, Jim popped the question to Courtney, during a vacation at the Bush family compound in Walker’s Point, Maine. They sealed the deal on the stunning 7th hole at world-famous Pebble Beach.


Courtney Richards and Jim Nantz took the plunge into marital bliss back in June 2012, kicking off their journey together. But before Courtney came into the picture, Jim Nantz had a whopping 26-year hitch with Ann-Lorraine Carlsen, which officially hit the rocks in 2009. Out of that union, they’ve got a little one named Caroline.

Jim Nantz’s previous marriage to Lorraine also ended with a bang in 2009, when he got hit with a hefty bill, shelling out almost $1 million annually in alimony and child support for their daughter.

Offspring Galore

Courtney and Jim became the proud parents of two bundles of joy: Finley Cathleen and Jameson Nantz. Finley was born in March 2014, and Jameson joined the party in January 2016.


While Courtney Richards’ personal life has been a staple in the tabloids, her professional life remains a well-guarded secret. She held the fort as Vice President at IMG in Sports Management when she met Jim, but beyond that, it’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

Jim Nantz, on the flip side, is a household name in American sports broadcasting, known for his epic NFL, NCAA Division I, and PGA Tour coverage since the ’80s. The man has been the voice of the Masters Tournament on CBS since ’89 and rocked the mic for CBS’ top NFL games.

He even bagged two Emmys for Exceptional Sports Analyst in 2008 and 2009. He also won the NSSA’s top sportscaster title five times and scored a Pete Rozelle Award from the Pro Football Institute of Fame.

Courtney Richards Net worth - what is Jim Nantz net worth - How wealthy is courtney richards

Early Life and Family

Courtney Richards was born and bred in the good ol’ USA, and as of 2024, she’s sitting pretty at around 45 years young. She’s kept the nitty-gritty of her early days, her parents, and siblings hidden in a vault. She’s got the Caucasian vibe going on, but the rest of her background is under wraps.

Courtney Richard’s Net worth

Courtney Richards has an estimated net worth of $15 million in 2023. While Jim has an annual income of about $5 million and a net worth between $1 and 5 million. Jim’s been splurging on home renovations, even dropping some cash on backyard mini-golf.

He even dabbled in the wine game, though the exact figures from his wine label are a big secret.

Scandal or Controversies

In her life in the public eye, she has managed to steer clear of any hullabaloo or scandal. She keeps a low profile focusing on her clan and personal life. Consequently, you won’t find any dirt on her professional or personal front.

Height and Weight

She rocks some captivating features with those dark brown tresses and mesmerizing blue peepers. Her height is around 5’6 but her weight and body measurements are not confirmed yet.

Social Media Presence

Here’s a kicker: Courtney has taken the path less traveled, choosing to stay off the social media grid. No Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for this gal. She kept her private life offline in order to protect her privacy and focus on her family.


Courtney Richards is the wife of famous broadcaster Jim Nantz. They both got married back in June 2012. God has blessed them with two kids, Jameson and Finley Cathleen Nantz. Courtney had a net worth of $15 million as of 2024.


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