Courtney Richards

Courtney Richards: About Jim Nantz’s Wife

Courtney Richards is the wife of an extraordinary journalist and former IMG Vice President of sports management. She is the wife of Jim Nantz, a famous journalist.

This couple looks harmonious and stunning when together. Recently, they have been on the spotlight because of their relationship. Courtney has always been Jim’s most powerful support and backbone. So, here are some interesting facts about it you should know.

Jim Nantz’s Wife

Jim Nantz is a famous sports broadcaster. Throughout his career, Jim has worked on broadcasts of NFL, NMB, PGA Tour, and many other sports broadcasts since 1980. Unfortunately, information about his wife, Courtney Richards, is scant in online sources about him.

Quick Facts About Courtney Richards

  • Full Name Courtney Richards
  • Nickname Courtney Richards
  • Birthplace United States
  • Date of Birth 1979
  • Sun Sign No information available
  • Age 43 years old
  • Brother name No information available
  • Father’s Name No information available
  • Mother’s Name No information available
  • Nationality American
  • Ethnicity White
  • Height No information available
  • Weight No information available
  • Body Measurements No information available
  • Eye Color Light-green
  • Body Type Slim
  • Hair Color Dark Brown
  • Shoe Size No information available
  • Education No information available
  • Religion No information available
  • Sexuality Straight
  • Marital Status Married
  • Salary No information available
  • Net Worth $15 million (Jim Nantz’s net worth)
  • Relationship No
  • Boyfriend No
  • Ex-Husband No
  • Children 3
  • Children name Jameson Nantz, Finley Cathleen Nantz, Caroline Nantz 
  • Source of Wealth Media Personality
  • Social Media Presence None
  • Last Updated March 2022

Courtney Richards’ Early Life

No information was known about Richards before she met Jim. In fact, the date of her birth is still unknown until now. And Richards has never personally disclosed any details about this. The only information that can be found is the fact that Richards was born in 1979.

Not much is known about her childhood, including her early years and the nature of her household. She is quite discreet in keeping information regarding her private life. So unfortunately, there is no information about Courtney’s parents or siblings.

Likewise, information related to where she grew up. She is known to have spent most of her childhood in a small town in the United States.

Courtney Richards’ Education

She is a smart person, but her educational background has not been disclosed. Same thing can be said about her post-college life. We only know that she is now the housewife of prominent sports journalist Jim. Even so, from the looks of it, she was enjoying every minute of her life.

However, we’ll let you know quickly after we get more information. 

Courtney Richards’ Weight, Age, and Height

Richards’ birth date is still unknown, and she declines to announce any information about herself. There is only information based on public records that she was born in 1979, which means Courtney is currently 43 years old.

With Courtney Richards’ birth date unknown, her zodiac sign can’t be identified either. Richards was an extraordinary woman inside and out, with a brave attitude. Richard is of American descent and a member of the white ethnic group. Courtney’s sexual orientation is straight.

Although the exact size of Courtney’s height is not known but based on her photos, Courtney seems to have a regular height and has a fit body shape. She maintained her youthful appearance despite having two children. Courtney also has a charming attitude and a sweet grin that makes her look even more perfect.

It is a pity that there is no detailed information about Richards’ weight and body size. Even so, she was an extraordinary figure. Courtney was dressed simply and smartly. She has attractive eyes. Her extraordinary beauty is supported by her light green eyes and dark brown hair. Courtney often changes her hair color to a different color. She held a beautiful wide smile.

Courtney Richards Career

  • Besides the fact that she is currently the housewife of prominent sports writer Jim, nothing is known about her profession. And, from the looks of it, she’s enjoying every minute of her life.
  • The background of the profession that may have been done before marriage could not be found. Right now, Courtney may be enjoying being busy with her children. On the other hand, her husband, Jim, is a working professional.
  • It is known that before she married Jim, Richard was also the Vice President of IMG, and she was well compensated. However, once he got married, she quit her job to focus on her family.
  • Profession Courtney’s husband is a well-known sports journalist. Jim had amassed a large sum of money.

Courtney Richards’ Husband

Courtney Richards' Husband

Courtney is married to a well-known sports journalist, Jim Nantz. Jim had been through some tough times in his life, and when it happened, at an event in 2009, he met Courtney. Jim Nantz is really just a stage name. He has the real name James William Nantz III. Jim outgrows every challenge and carves his own path to success. Right now, Nantz is enjoying his life with his family and wife.

At that time, Jim was going through a difficult time because of his divorce from his ex-wife. But fate said otherwise; Court and Jim fell in love before the divorce was finalized. They also got engaged soon after the divorce. After twenty months of being engaged, the couple finally decided to wed on June 12, 2010.

They exchanged wedding vows on the seventh hole of the famous Pebble Beach golf course. The event took place in the presence of their close friends and relatives. Since Courtney was Jim’s second wife and much younger than Jim, the marriage was the talk of the town at the time.

Courtney was 31 when they got married, while Jim was almost 50. Despite the large age difference, this couple loves and respects each other. After four years of marriage in 2014, Jim and Courtney were blessed with their first child, Cathleen Nantz. A few years later, Courtney gave birth to their second child in the world in 2016.

They called him George Nantz. Richards took care of the children since they were little. Together, Jim encouraged and assisted her in caring for the children. This couple makes each other feel unique and valued even after years of marriage. As a result, Jim and Courtney had a great time together.

Jim Nantz’s Career

Jim Nantz was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, on May 17, 1959. Since the 1990s, Jim has worked for CBS Sports on, broadcasting the NFL, NCAA, men’s basketball, and the PGA Tour. Then he stepped up his career path in 2004 as the NFL broadcaster for CBS’ top play-by-play.

This led to the awards he received in 2008 and 2009; Nantz received the Emmy Award for Outstanding Sporting Personality, Play-by-Play. Jim has won the National Sportscaster of the Year award five times from the NSSA. The Pete Rozelle Radio-Television Award was presented to Nantz by the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2011. Apart from a career, he is also pursuing an education. In 2001, Jim was awarded an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree by the University of Houston.

Jim is also one of the youngest addressees of Curt Gowdy’s award for broadcast from the Basketball Hall of Fame. His achievements continued in 2012, the LA Sports & Entertainment Commission honored Nantz with the Ambassador of Excellence Award for his contributions to the community.

Courtney Richard’s Net Worth

Richard’s profession is unknown at this time. It is also unknown whether she is presently working as a professional or not. Richard and his partner’s combined net worth could be as high as $15 million.

Jim Nantz

However, Jim has used this fortune to renovate the house and build a miniature golf course in his backyard. He also launched his wine label brand. However, it is not yet known how much money he made from selling his first vintage brand, which was released in 2012. Jim also lost $900,000 in his divorce trial from Ann Lorraine Carlsen. He also must spend a large payment of child support. Plus, Jim makes $7 million a year, so his maintenance payouts are bigger.

Jim’s mental health was quite disturbed at the time of his first divorce. Jim was required to regularly give a certain amount to his ex-wife until she married another man. After all the hardships he went through, Jim married Courtney in 2012. Since then, this adorable couple has had a happy life and built their little world. There is no renouncing that Courtney’s husband is a caring and loving man. With her husband and children, Courtney lives a rich lifestyle.

Courtney Richards Instagram

Courtney Richards has no social media accounts. It is unfortunate, but it’s understandable when you remember that Courtney is a very secretive person, so she doesn’t use any social media accounts. However, we will find out more about Courtney and hope she will set up a social media account for her fans soon. Courtney’s admirers adored her and appreciated her looks and personality.

Facts about Courtney Richards

  • According to certain internet sources, this year Courtney Richards turns 43 years old. Courtney’s age is much younger than her husband’s.
  • Information about Richards’ birth is still unknown.
  • While working in sports marketing at IMG, Courtney came into Jim’s life.
  • Ann Lorraine Carlsen is the wife of Jim’s first marriage, and there are rumors that he started dating Courtney before the divorce was officially finalized.
  • Courtney has always avoided revealing her size to the world.
  • In September 2010, Richards confirmed her engagement to Nantz. They will postpone their marriage for another 21 years.
  • They are the parents of three children. Finley’s daughter Cathleen Nantz is, and Jameson is her son’s name.
  • Caroline Nantz is Courtney’s stepdaughter, the daughter of her husband’s first marriage.
  • Richards does not have an account on Instagram or other social media.


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