5 Benefits Businesses Can Get From Creative Staffing Agencies

Using a staffing agency such as creative staffing Boston can benefit a business. For one, it helps to fill unexpected vacancies much faster than hiring new employees. This means that a company can avoid high turnover and an output delay. Another benefit is that it helps keep operations flowing smoothly and prevents over-taxing staff.

Reduce Turnover

One way to reduce turnover in a staffing agency is to give your employees a voice. While it can be uncomfortable to solicit employee feedback, it will help you build trust with your staff. By listening to their concerns, you can make improvements that will increase employee engagement and retention. In addition, you can use feedback to help you make your agency more attractive to employees.

Many staffing agencies have high turnover rates. This is partly because they always have to train new employees. This is not only inefficient but also expensive – it means that they could be using their resources more efficiently.

Reduce Recruiting Costs

Recruiting costs can drain your company’s budget, but there are concrete steps you can take to reduce the costs associated with hiring. First, calculate your cost-per-hire, or how much you spend per hire, according to the Society of Human Resources Management. Secondly, ensure your hiring strategy includes training and onboarding, which can add to your recruitment costs.

It can also be expensive to make the wrong hire. Bad hires cost companies 30% or more of their first-year earnings, not to mention the resources needed to train and find a replacement.

Reduce Turnaround Time For New Hires

One way to cut the time it takes to find a new employee is to build a talent pipeline. This process can begin even before you have an open position. It can involve both proactive and passive recruiting strategies. An example is a company like Shopify, which grew from 550 employees to over 2,000 in three years.

Using a staffing agency can help you find new talent faster. These services have extensive databases of skilled professionals. Their recruiters regularly update this database, which acts as an extension of your company’s candidate pool. In addition, staffing agencies have the resources to reach passive candidates, professionals currently employed but not actively seeking a new position. 

Reduce Advertising Costs

Advertising can be expensive for small businesses. They need ads to attract customers, but the budget is usually limited. Fortunately, there are ways to cut costs without sacrificing your presence. By partnering with a staffing agency, you can get quality talent at the right price. Here are some ways to reduce your advertising budget.

Using a staffing agency to find employees for your company can reduce advertising expenses. Not only do staffing agencies help you find great candidates, but they also handle the screening process. You don’t have to waste time and money screening applications yourself. Instead, you can combine agency efforts with internal vetting to find the perfect employees for your company.

Connect You With Qualified Professionals

A staffing agency can connect you with qualified professionals searching for new opportunities. These agencies have an active database of both employers and job seekers. They can also match applicants to available positions and provide a general overview of the company’s capacity needs. Many staffing agencies also have business contacts who can provide salary ranges for different positions.

Staffing agencies work with top companies to find qualified individuals. Their recruitment specialists know which jobs are the best fit for candidates. In addition, they learn about open positions that might not be listed on job boards. When you submit your resume to a staffing agency, the recruiter will review it within 24 hours. They will then pass it on to specialized recruiters. 


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