4 Helpful Tips for Purchasing a Home on Acreage

Before buying an acreage property, consider these helpful tips. These tips are meant to help you avoid pitfalls such as getting “house fever” when you fall in love with a particular property and forget to ask big questions. 

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying Acreage

Before purchasing acreage, ask the seller questions about its history and location. For example, you should ask if there are any restrictions on the use of the land and whether there are any planned developments in the area. Additionally, you should inquire about the proximity of neighboring properties and any businesses in the area. You should also check if the property has any utilities nearby.

If the acreage is located close to a city, you can expect it to include utilities. However, you may need access to these utilities if the acreage is in a rural area. In order to make sure you have all the information you need, consult with an expert before making an offer. Ensure that the person or company you are dealing with is reputable, experienced, and has a good rapport with people in the local area.

Getting A Mortgage

If you’re considering purchasing a home on acreage, you’ll have a few unique challenges to overcome. First, you must be clear about what you’re purchasing. You need to ensure that the property’s boundaries are clearly marked, and you need to have a survey done so you can show the lender. You’ll also need to double-check the zoning and land-use restrictions. The best way to determine if a property is zoned for a specific use is to check with the local planning department. You may also want to check with the county if a new park is in the works, but a new highway or sewage treatment plant will likely decrease the value of your property.

Another advantage of purchasing homes with acreage for sale in Cartersville, GA, is the privacy it offers. The neighbors can’t see you unless they’re looking for you. You may also want to raise horses, which is perfect if you don’t mind neighbors. Acreage also allows you to build multiple sheds or a swimming pool. Buying acreage is a great idea if you’re a first-time homebuyer.

Zoning Laws

Before you buy a home on acres, it’s important to learn about the local zoning laws. These laws govern how the land is used within a city or county. While you may assume that these regulations will be easy to understand, they are often complex. Misunderstanding the laws can lead to the purchase of a property that doesn’t meet your homestead plans. You can obtain zoning maps from the local government office. You should also check the zoning on neighboring properties to learn more about what is permitted on that land. If you don’t understand local zoning laws, it’s wise to hire a real estate attorney. They will be able to help you decipher the zoning laws and help you find a home on acres that suits your needs.

Getting A Property Tax Survey

Getting a property tax survey when purchasing property on an acreage is a legal requirement for determining property boundaries. This document is typically required to buy title insurance and may be obtained from a title company, city building inspector, or the county tax assessor’s office. Many jurisdictions also have copies of property tax surveys on file. You can also ask a neighbor for a copy. The type of survey you need depends on the type of land and its use. Some property survey companies charge a nominal fee. In many cases, the surveyor will require a title commitment from the seller before performing the survey. This is a legal document that a title insurance company guarantees to protect the land you’re buying. 


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