Entrepreneurship with a Safety Net: Why Franchising is a Smart Move for Small Business Consultants

Entrepreneurship with a Safety Net: Why Franchising is a Smart Move for Small Business Consultants

There’s no denying it—leaping into entrepreneurship can be scary. As a small business consultant, you’re probably well aware of the risks involved in going solo. Countless hours poured into getting a brand off the ground. Inconsistent income as you acquire those first few clients. And don’t get me started on the marketing struggles when you’re an unknown entity.

In this article, we’ll explore how joining a small business consulting franchise can provide the perfect “safety net” for aspiring entrepreneurial consultants. It’s a path that mitigates many risks while allowing you to own and grow your own business.


  • Franchising allows small business consultants to start their ventures while mitigating many risks of going solo.
  • Franchisors provide comprehensive training, operations manuals, tech platforms, and ongoing support.
  • National franchises offer instant brand recognition and credibility that independent startups lack.
  • Franchisees gain significant cost advantages through the franchisor’s bulk purchasing power.

Tapping Into Established Processes and Resources

Rather than spending months (or years) nailing down workflows, investing in tools, and vetting vendors, franchise owners hit the ground running. The franchisor provides comprehensive operations manuals detailing proven processes down to the smallest detail. They oversee training to get you and your staff up to speed quickly.

On top of that, consultants gain access to technology platforms, marketing assets, and a Rolodex of prescreened national vendors from day one. The franchisor handles sourcing reputable suppliers at bulk pricing—a huge cost and time saver. And franchisees get ongoing support from the core team to ensure they’re executing best practices every step of the way.

 The Power of an Established Brand 

Let’s face it—one of the biggest hurdles in launching a solo consulting firm is building brand awareness from scratch. It can take years of networking, advertising dollars, and flawless client experiences to reach any notable level of credibility in the market. For franchisees, that instant brand equity is essentially built in from day one.

Not only do consumers typically trust recognized regional and national brands more readily, but being part of that broader franchise network has its advantages too. Simple things like getting referrals from other consultants in non-competing markets suddenly become a viable source for client acquisition. That’s an edge you simply won’t have starting a new independent firm.  

 Collective Purchasing Power 

Among the many benefits of franchising is the ability to leverage economies of scale on all sorts of products and services. Franchisors tap into their collective purchasing power to negotiate steep discounts that would be impossible for any single small firm to obtain on their own.

We’re talking bulk pricing on everything from office supplies to technology subscriptions, marketing services, etc. It’s a massive cost-savings for franchisees right off the bat, allowing them to operate more profitably and competitively than the majority of independent consultants in their markets. Those savings go straight to the bottom line.  

 Built-In Support System 

One of the biggest psychological barriers for new entrepreneurs is the sheer feeling of “going it alone.” Thankfully, franchising eliminates that isolation by folding you into an established support system.

The franchisor has a vested interest in ensuring each franchisee’s success, so they don’t leave you to fend for yourself after cutting that initial investment check. Expect ongoing training opportunities, business coaching, troubleshooting assistance, and general advisory anytime you encounter roadblocks. 

Having an entire team in your corner beats having to navigate every challenge as a solo business owner through trial and error. Whether it’s navigating local regulations, tackling operational issues, or ramping up marketing for a new revenue stream, there’s always an expert on hand to provide battle-tested guidance.

 Potential for Scalability 

While many consultants start as solo entrepreneurs, the ability to scale becomes exponentially more difficult without access to resources. Franchising helps remove those barriers by streamlining growth through additional locations or territories. Many franchisors make it relatively straightforward to expand into multi-unit ownership once you gain experience and want to level up. 

They’ll even assist in scoping out and securing real estate, hiring, and training staff, and saturating the new market with coordinated marketing efforts. That takes immense logistical and financial pressure off of franchisees versus having to fund and manage that kind of expansion solo.

 Closing Thoughts  

At the end of the day, owning a small business consulting franchise provides one with an entrepreneurial lifestyle but with a “safety net” in place. The initial investment costs are a bit higher than bootstrapping a solo firm. But the value gained in terms of proven processes, brand equity, and franchisor support can substantially boost one’s odds of success out of the gate.


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