When Are You Eligible to File a Personal Injury Compensation Claim?

Depending on state laws, codes, and the accident cause, different claims have variant eligibility. For most people, accidents may happen whenever and wherever, bearing fault on the victim or a negligent party. However, not all injuries qualify you to seek personal injury compensation. When is it appropriate to consider yourself eligible for one? Keep reading to learn more in this section.

After Any Negligent Healthcare Malpractice

Clinical negligence often causes life-changing effects on the victims. In the worst cases, some people lose their body parts or lose their lives in the process. Suppose your doctor amputates the wrong leg or a dentist uproots the wrong tooth. You’ll have to suffer more pain, medical costs, additional surgeries, and diagnostics, and that’s devastating to bear on your own. In such a scenario, you must visit JTrucks.com and learn how qualified personal injury attorneys help with these claim types.

In Case of a Road Accident Caused by Careless Driving

Careless driving is one of the causes of most road wrecks. Often, the crashes arise from negligent drivers who assume traffic rules and regulations like overspeeding, driving on the wrong lanes, overloading trucks, and taking unnecessary twists and turns, among others. You can make a personal injury claim if you are in a car mishap due to another motorist’s negligent act. Your remuneration demands, however, need accompaniment to prove your injuries arose from the crash as you claim they are.

If a Dog Bites You or Your Loved One

Dog bites cause severe injuries, especially if the victim is a child or an older person. Luckily, most states have laws governing dog bites, and dog owners must face the consequences. If you sustain injuries in a public place without provoking the dog, you can file a claim against the dog owner. You must present doctor’s evaluation reports and eyewitness statements as evidence of the dog owner’s imprudence.

Conversely, you’re not eligible for financial and non-financial compensation if a dog bites you when trespassing through a gated homestead or after tormenting it. If you win the case, the owner compensates you for medical costs you’ve incurred, pain and suffering, lost income, imaging tests, surgeries, and home care services. If the bites cause life loss, the owner must compensate for losing a companion and all other non-financial benefits.

In Case of Food Poisoning After Consuming Defective Products or Foods

There are so many types and causes of food poisoning, which can happen at any given place. Some food poisoning cases, however, arise from people’s negligence, like lack of hygiene. If so, you must seek compensation if you eat out or buy defective products and immediately experience some common signs of food poisoning. Here, you can file a personal injury claim holding the restaurant owner or the product manufacturer liable for your injuries.

If You Have Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) While Working

Some employees follow a fixed work routine for their entire job period, which can harm their tendons, soft tissues, nerves, and muscles due to repetitive motions. If you are one of these victims, you can request compensation benefits concerning your repetitive strain injuries. Federal laws demand employers accommodate their employee’s routine changes to avoid repetitive strain injuries. If your employee overlooks these regulations, file a personal injury claim holding them liable for your bodily injuries.

Diverse occasions qualify you to claim personal injury compensation benefits. Generally, if you sustain injuries and lifetime disabilities due to another person’s negligence, you can claim compensation. For instance, you must fight for justice after a car accident, food poisoning, healthcare malpractice, dog bites, and workplace injuries. Above all, you must prove that your injuries arose from the other party’s delinquency to win your case.


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