What was Your Experience at a Sober Living Facility?

If it was anything but good, then you should consider joining a good sober living facility like Eudaimonia. This is an outstanding facility located in a picturesque location in Austin, Texas. It will provide a great opportunity for you to rest and relax after your detox and rehab treatments are complete. Here’s what you will find at Eudaimonia homes.

Eudaimonia Recovery Homes is a Great Place to Stay

The facility houses separate quarters for men, women, and the people of LGBTQ community. These quarters are all well-maintained, with round the clock support from staff and assistants. The neat, silent ambience will give you a great opportunity to sit back and plan your life ahead. You can focus calmly on your recovery treatments and even work on improving your employment potential while you practice sobriety.

Nice Environment, Great Amenities & Friendly People

This sober living home offers spacious, open community areas where all residents can enjoy one another’s company. This community focused living environment is conducive for the residents’ welfare and recovery. You can enjoy staying in a fully furnished room, complete with cable, swimming pools, fitness centers, coffee lounges, Wi-Fi hotspot, and more.

All the staff in the facility will be ready to assist you any time you need and you can socialize without any worries. You can also participate in recovery driven programs that help you out of addictions.

Availability of Peer Support Makes the Stay Better

The best thing about Eudaimonia sober living house is the Peer Recovery Support Specialist program. The center has partnered with Measure Act Prevent (MAP) a peer support organization to provide PRSS to all its participants. Through this program you can ask for a specialist to support you to maintain your sobriety.

The specialist will conduct weekly or bi-weekly support sessions with you, and you can reach out to them on any sobriety related issue. The specialist will also monitor your physical and mental conditions regularly and look out for signs of relapse in you. By identifying these signs early on, the peer support specialist will give you necessary suggestions to get back on your recovery track.

Affordable Accommodation for Everyone

As for how much it can cost you for your stay here, there are 7 different room options available with varying price options. It starts with The Retreat Unit which comes with a single room for four people, attached with a bathroom. It costs $575 per month. Or, you can move to The Original Bunk Unit that comes at $725 per month with a One-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment, and can house up to 3 residents.

In case you feel like you need alone time during your stay, you can opt for The Lone Unit which comes with a private apartment and costs $2000 per month. There are a lot more options available for stay. You can ask for their details during your admission into the center. Eudaimonia also provides urgent care for people seeking sobriety and a safe place to work on building their confidence.


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