What to Do With Surplus IT Equipment

If your office is like most, you have accumulated a stockpile of unused, outdated office equipment over the years.

Rather than letting it take up space and collect dust, there are a few ways you can make use of that surplus IT equipment.

Don’t worry about it becoming a burden. With a little creativity and effort, you can turn the extra equipment into a valuable asset.

Read on to learn more about what to do with your surplus IT equipment.

Reuse the Equipment

Reusing surplus IT equipment is an invaluable way to maintain the sustainability of our technology. Repurposing old electronics saves resources by keeping the equipment out of landfills.

Using the equipment for internal use, such as software development or research and development, is also a great way to add more value to the company. Reusing surplus IT equipment can not only help promote a sustainable approach to technology but also helps organizations save money and reap more benefits.

Donate to a Local School or Non-profit

Surplus IT equipment can be put to good use when it is donated to a local school or non-profit. These organizations are always in need of updated technology that can increase their mission.

Donate IT equipment as long as they are in good condition and can be used. Donating these items is not only beneficial to the organization, but it is beneficial to the donor as well.

There are tax write-offs and other incentives for donating. Plus, it is a great way to give back to the community and help promote educational opportunities for those in need.


Reselling is an excellent resource for organizations looking to offload surplus IT equipment. This allows for the sale or gift of valuable equipment to help reduce costs and maximize organizational efficiency.

Reselling allows businesses to recoup some of the investments put into the technology. It also ensures that the donated equipment is put to purposeful use by finding organizations or schools that can enjoy the donated items. This provides an alternative to the traditional option of discarding the equipment while reducing e-waste. 


Surplus IT equipment can be recycled via asset recovery services. They are companies that specialize in picking up, wiping, diagnosing, reusing, and recycling old IT equipment.

When businesses opt for asset recovery, they often enjoy significant cost savings. They also have peace of mind knowing that the machines are being disposed of correctly.

Asset recovery often focuses on the reuse and repair of IT equipment. This gives new life to end-of-life products. 

If you’re looking to learn about asset recovery services, then you must do your research. Choose a reputable asset recovery company to ensure your surplus IT equipment is managed and recycled responsibly.

Utilize These Tips When Disposing of Surplus IT Equipment

When it comes to IT surplus equipment, there is an endless number of possibilities. Whether you donate it to those in need or resell it for a profit, make sure you properly identify your needs. Find the best option for you.

These steps can help you make the most out of your surplus IT equipment and be a responsible IT asset disposer. Start now and make the best use of your surplus IT equipment today!

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