What To Do With Old And Broken Furniture

Eventually, those furniture pieces you’ve been so proud of will wear down. As much as you try to maintain them regularly and do your best to have them retain their quality, there’s no stopping them from experiencing the effects of time. Because of it, you’re bound to be left with broken-down furniture all over your house. 

Granted, parting with old furniture might leave your heart aching. After all, it’s been with you through thick and thin. Although you’re probably viewing it as some sort of ‘priceless treasure,’ leaving them all cluttered up around the house only inconveniences everyone inside the house since there won’t be any room for movement the more furniture gets replaced after wearing down. 

Instead of leaving them as they are, here are ways you can apply on any broken or old furniture your home has from now on: 

  1. Contact Professionals 

Getting rid of old furniture to make room for new ones is always on the table for those who can afford it. Because despite its sentimental value, that alone can’t guarantee safety for the residents, considering furniture is used for practicality and aesthetics simultaneously. Replacing worn-down furniture refreshes your home’s style while giving you the security of knowing you have new, high-quality furnishings. 

However, considering how many designs there are for furniture, it’s not surprising to have some in your house that might be challenging to handle, even if it’s already old. Since furnishing comes in all sizes and shapes, its worn-down state will only cause more harm than good once you dispose of it yourself. Hire experts from dirtcheaprubbishremoval.com.au and other local garbage removal service providers since they have the right gear and equipment for handling this task. 

  1. Set Up A Yard Sale 

Despite their age, some pieces of furniture are still salvageable. Or they still haven’t reached a state of complete disrepair yet, at least. As long as they’re functional, experts might claim them as antiques or vintage because the older they are, the more history they contain. That’s what many collectors are after. Whereas homeowners only look for the timeless charm that only vintage pieces have. 

Check whether or not your old appliances are still in decent condition. Observe their performance and inspect their overall look. Make the necessary repairs if there are any small issues. Once you’ve determined their status, calculate how much they cost. Be honest when describing your furniture. Otherwise, complaints might land on your doorstep and discourage any potential sales. 

Ensure they’re at a low price, considering their age. Unless proven by an expert, the only way you can raise your price is if your furniture is authentic and maintained well. But anything less, all you can do is collect small extra cash, especially for those who dismantled them into pieces.   

  1. Donate To Charity 

For those who are only interested in getting rid of clutter, donate old, broken furniture to charity instead. Considering how many charities are lacking in some departments, they welcome any donation the public gives as long as they’re still functional, even if slightly. Old computers or laptops, used couches, rickety tables, and old ovens are great examples of what you can donate. 

Granted, some of them may sound dangerous, given their age, particularly computers and ovens. However, after some tinkering and computer part replacements, those old computer units would be up and running in no time, albeit with some limitations on their performance. As for old ovens, learning centers focused on home economics, such as baking and cooking, can use them as props when demonstrating proper practices. 

  1. Make A Trade 

Setting up a trade for your old appliances might be tricky compared to selling them upfront. But for those who are great at bargaining, this is where they’ll shine the most. Because many are in the same boat as you, they might find something worthwhile from your inventory and vice-versa.    

As long as you’ve checked whether or not your furniture is still in good condition, that’s enough of a selling point for the market. However, considering how niche used furniture is, you must know the best platforms that allow trades between used goods. Posting an advertisement online is the most affordable option since you can do it for free unless you promote it. But for those who want to remove their old furniture immediately, look for stores that deal in second-hand furnishings. 

  1. Give Another Purpose 

Simply replacing a piece of furniture because it’s too run-down can’t be afforded by many homeowners, especially if some of its parts are still in good condition. If disposing of or selling it is out of the question, the best alternative to your problem is to repurpose it.    

For example, transform your old door into a headboard. All you have to do is ensure the door is proportional to the width of the bed before cutting it. For those looking for a coat rack, repurpose your old door into one instead. After screwing in some hooks, you now have a new coat rack by the entrance. Granted, it’ll take some time and know-how in handicrafts to make your DIY project work. But it’s worth a try if it means freeing up space. 


Regardless of their design or materials, pieces of furniture will be weathered over time until they’re nothing more than space fillers. As soon as you find a replacement, all that’s left for them is to get thrown away. However, for different reasons, many homeowners can’t part with their old furnishings. If you’re one of them, you can do many things to minimize the space your furniture sets are using while ensuring your old ones are already handled.


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