what happened to carl azuz?

What Happened to Carl Azuz? New Host Takes the Reins on CNN 10

Ever wondered what happened to Carl Azuz? He is a prominent anchor and writer for CNN. Carl hosts “CNN 10,” a daily news show aimed at young adults that covers current events from around the world. Azuz has been with CNN since 2007, and his witty and informative style has made him a beloved figure among his viewers.

Azuz’s charisma, humor, and passion for news quickly made him a fan favorite, and he became the face of the show.

But do you know what happened to Carl Azuz? let’s take a look at Azuz’s impact on CNN 10 and what might have happened to him. 

CNN 10 Student was the first broadcast as a news program for young people. The show quickly became popular. Its unique approach to presenting news stories in a way that was both informative and engaging caught the attention of students and teachers.

What Happened to Carl Azuz?

On September 11th, 2022, CNN 10 kicked off its Fall season with a new host, Coy Wire. However, instead of focusing on the current events of the episode, students and teachers were aback by the absence of the show’s iconic host, Carl Azuz.

Many viewers expressed their disappointment on channels such as TikTok and Twitter.

As the days passed without any explanation for Azuz’s absence, rumors and conspiracies about his fate began to surface online. However, on September 19th, Carl Azuz himself took to TikTok to address his fans and reveal the reason behind his sudden departure from CNN 10.

In a 1.5-minute-long video, Azuz expressed his gratitude towards his supporters. During his tenure as an anchor for CNN 10, he was blessed with numerous opportunities. He also signed off with one final pun, leaving his fans bittersweet.

The news of Azuz’s departure shocked viewers who enjoyed his energetic and enthusiastic reporting style. His absence will undoubtedly affect both students and teachers who have come to rely on his unique blend of humor and informative reporting.

In the wake of Carl Azuz’s departure from CNN 10, many students and teachers expressed their disappointment and confusion online. Some students have even referred to his replacement, Coy Wire, as a “Mr. Clean ripoff.”

A teacher Heather Ellis shared her sadness at the news, stating she was “depressed to hear that Carl Azuz will no longer be hosting the show.” Despite the mixed reactions to his replacement, Azuz’s departure marks the end of an era for CNN 10 and its viewers.

Despite the fact that Azuz’s departure has not been officially disclosed. It is believed that he may have chosen to pursue other opportunities outside of CNN 10.  


Carl Azuz’s departure from CNN 10 represents the end of an era. His unique style, humor, and passion for news have made CNN 10 a beloved show for young audiences worldwide. Future generations of journalists and news anchors will draw inspiration and influence from his legacy.



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