What Are the Core Business Functions?

What is the key to a successful company? What processes can you apply to take your business to the next level?

The answer you’re looking for lies in the core business functions. These are the main practices and procedures behind operationalizing any company.

Without these, you won’t be able to have a business. But what are the core business functions?

Read on to learn more.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales help companies let people know about their products or services. Marketing means understanding what people want and creating messages that make them interested. Sales mean closing deals and making money for the company.


Operations are the things a company does every day to make and deliver products or services. It includes managing how things are made, keeping track of what’s in stock, and making sure things are good quality. The goal of operations is to make sure the company can meet what people want and deliver good things on time.

Finance and Accounting

Finance and accounting help companies manage their money. Finance means making budgets and planning how to spend money wisely. Accounting means keeping track of all the money coming in and going out, and making sure everything follows the rules.

Human Resources

Human resources is about taking care of the people who work in a company. It means finding the right people to join the team, giving them training and chances to grow, and making sure they have benefits. Having a good human resources department helps people feel happy and helps the company grow.

Customer Service

Customer service is about helping people who buy things from a company. It means answering their questions, fixing problems, and making sure they’re happy. Good customer service keeps people coming back and tells others about the company.

Information Technology

Information technology (IT) helps companies use computers and technology. It means making sure everything is working well, like computer systems and software. This department helps other departments by giving them tools to work better and faster.

They are also responsible for any technology purchases that you need for the business. Let’s say for example you are investing in NetSuite, then they can inform you about the cost of NetSuite and even other software your company is investing in for optimal company performance.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning means making plans for the future. It’s about setting goals and finding ways to achieve them. It means looking at what other companies are doing and making decisions that help the company grow. Strategic planning helps all the other functions work together toward success.

Importance of Core Business Functions

We should never understate the importance of core business functions. They are integral to meeting operational needs and providing a positive customer experience.

Having the right processes in place will ensure that businesses stay competitive. If you need help, there are always experts that you can turn to. Get started today and find the assistance that you need.

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