Top Custom Cigar Samplers for Every Occasion

Are you a cigar aficionado?

If so, you might already know that the process of selecting the right cigar isn’t something you would do lightly. Instead, you should take the time to consider what types of blends you enjoy. Then, you should decide whether you’re looking for full-bodied smoke, something lighter, or something in between.

Once you’ve determined this, you can begin surveying the types of international cigar samplers that are available. There are plenty of cigar packs and collections that purport to offer you the best of the best as custom cigars. But which of these should you choose?

Find out more below as we break down the top custom cigar samplers to consider selecting for yourself or as a gift.

Altadis Dominican Lovers 5-Cigar Sampler

Altadis Dominican Lovers 5 Cigar samples come wrapped in cigars from five different styles and brands. It gives a unique experience for every smoker. Whether you are looking for a great gift or just want to sample some of the finest cigars produced, this custom choice is perfect.

The sampler is a great opportunity to savor the exquisite tastes of Dominican tobacco with nothing but the best. Each ring of cigars is savory and delightful with a consistent draw and smoke output that allows you to savor every puff. 

Oliva Collection No. 4

The Oliva Collection No 4 sampler includes five of Oliva’s sought-after premium cigars. The assortment includes five cigars of varying sizes, strengths, and tastes.

The cigars are handcrafted using the finest tobacco from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Ecuador. They’re chosen for their superior quality and complexity. It provides an opportunity to experience the renowned Oliva Cigar line and its interesting combination of flavors and aromas. 

Romeo Lovers 5-Cigar Sampler

Romeo y Julieta Lover’s Five Cigar sampler has five flavorful cigars made with premium Central and South American tobacco. The sampler comes in six packs presented in vacuum-sealed containers that can be traveled with or shared with friends.

Besides the outstanding taste, each cigar produces an alluring aroma that combines natural and sweet flavors. This sampler is the perfect gift and a great way to explore the Romeo Tobacco line. 

Ashton VSG Sampler

Ashton VSG Sampler is an exquisite sampler that includes some of the most top-notch, high-end and full-flavored premium famous cigars. They include Ashton VSG and other top-notch blends like La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor, San Cristobal Elegancia, and La Critica.

With each cigar you sample, you’ll be able to taste a different flavor. 

Padron Family Reserve Gift Pack Maduro

The Padron Family Reserve Gift Pack Maduro sampler offers a choice of chosen top-notch cigars that are handcrafted with the finest Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos. These are also recommended by famous cigar smokers

The cigars in the Padron Family Reserve Gift Pack Maduro include five of the popular Padron Family Reserve Natural, five Padron Family Reserve Maduro, and four Maduro 2000 cigars.

Experience Excellence With These Cigar Samplers

Every occasion offers the perfect opportunity to savor the finest custom cigars. Whether you’re choosing one for yourself or as a gift, custom cigar samplers are an ideal choice. Pick up a sampler today and experience the flavor of excellence.

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