Tips for Getting More Customers and Increase Sales With SafeOpt

The main concern for most business owners is increasing sales and generating more customers. Unfortunately, consumers have more choices than ever when it comes to online products and services. Because of this, it can be a real challenge to generate leads and then convert them.

One marketing method that’s proven highly effective and makes engaging consumers very easy is email retargeting. If you are the owner of a business, then you may want to consider checking out the web’s leading email retargeting platform, SafeOpt. This post will tell you how it can help you to increase your sales and get more customers.

Promotional Codes

SafeOpt’s platform is all about email retargeting. It allows you to retarget visitors to your site, with retargeting basically just meaning reengaging. The SafeOpt platform encourages brands to use its service to send consumers promotional offers in their retargeting emails.

Most of the platform’s consumer users use it for the purpose of getting discounts and promotional codes. If you aren’t offering this service to them, then you could struggle to make sales. The promotional codes you offer don’t have to be that large. You can offer very small codes and still make sales.

Page Information

When a person is on your website looking at a specific page, you can then send them an email giving them more information about the page they were on. If they were reading your site’s ‘About us’ page then you can send them an email that tells them more about your business.

This email can also include a promotional code or a call to action. When you are sending people emails providing them with more page information, make sure that the emails are concise and well-written.

Spamming Users

Don’t make the mistake of spamming people with emails. Just because SafeOpt’s platform makes it easier for you to send people emails, that does not mean that it’s okay to spam people. Spamming people can get you into a lot of trouble and ruin your reputation.

It will lead people to mute your emails. If they mute your emails, then you won’t be able to send them news of product releases, promotional codes, and other information. You should only send around three emails to people, never send anymore, unless they are subscribed to your email list.

Personalised Content

Email retargeting with SafeOpt allows you to send users personalised content. Because SafeOpt’s platform collects information about the consumers who sign up for it, it then allows you to send emails that are addressed to them. Sending people emails addressed to them can be a lot more intimate and personal.

Consumers will be more interested in supporting your brand if you know who they are. In addition to sending personalised content, you can also send people emails based on the products or pages that they have been looking at on your site, further demonstrating that you know them.

24-hour Window

If you are using SafeOpt’s platform, then it is strongly recommended that you send consumers emails within a 24-hour window, after they have left your site. When it comes to cart abandonment emails, it’s a good idea to send emails within an hour of the cart being abandoned. If you leave your emails too long, then it could lead to the people no longer being interested in your store and not even opening them.

You need to send emails when people are still thinking about your business, or at least still remember what they were doing on your site.

Real Representative

When you send emails, it’s always good to send them from a real representative. You don’t have to actually write out and send each email manually, but at least send them signed at the bottom by a member of your company, or even you. Doing this can make your emails seem a lot more personal.

Most of the emails that people send through SafeOpt’s platforms look very robotic and impersonal. Sending emails with a person’s signature at the bottom (or even a brief introductory paragraph) will make people feel like they are important to your business and will encourage them to shop with you.

Call-to-action Buttons

There really is no point in signing up for SafeOpt’s service if you aren’t going to include a CTA in all of your emails. A CTA, or a call to action, is a message included in your emails telling people to take a specific course of action, like ‘Buy this now’ or ‘Return and complete your purchase.’

Call-to-actions can be a very effective way of motivating consumers to finish purchases or return and buy something. You need to make sure your CTAs are effectively incorporated into your emails. Most people include them as buttons that link directly back to the product or page the person was originally on.

Background Images

When you are sending emails through SafeOpt’s platform, try to avoid including too many background images. Including too many background images can make your emails look unnecessarily fluffy, or over the top.

Background images distract from the actual purpose of your email: To get people back on your website to buy products. Background images also make your emails a lot more complicated to format and send. Make sure that your emails are concise and to the point: They should only include CTA buttons and other important information, nothing more.

Preview Emails

Finally, before you send out emails to people, take the time to preview and look them over. Always test out your emails by sending them to yourself. This allows you to notice and then correct any formatting errors and ensure that your emails are as effectively designed as possible.

When you are sending emails to yourself, you will be pleased to know that you can do it through SafeOpt’s platform. Once you have perfected your emails, you can then begin sending them out to your store’s customers. Ensure that they are perfected before you begin sending them out. Don’t forget to focus on other forms of marketing, too. 

SafeOpt’s platform makes email retargeting easier than ever. Before SafeOpt’s release, it was a very confusing area of marketing, that many people struggled with. Now you can do it easily and simply, using SafeOpt’s broad array of templates, and by accessing SafeOpt’s huge consumer network.


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