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Three Psychological Tricks to be More Productive

Our mind is powerful as this is the place where thoughts are formed and reality is shaped. At some point in life, we all wish to be able to make the most of our minds to get hyper-focused on the tasks and boost productivity. We understand the linear progression that the more productive we are, the easier it will be for us to reach our goals or at least get closer to them. 

The thing is that no one can magically transform their life by turning on a switch. However, we can adjust, adapt, and shift our minds and our habits in a way to achieve our goals. If your goal is to be more productive and reach your goals, you might want to benefit from the below-given psychological tricks. 

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Organize Your Thoughts

The state of your mind determines the state of your being. When your mind is disorganized, there is a great possibility that your environment is cluttered as well. Also, if your environment is cluttered, your mind is overly distracted to focus as it is busy assessing the information from its environment.

If this sounds interesting to you and you live in California, you might want to opt for  PsyD programs in Los Angeles as a degree in psychology won’t only help you unlock the potential of your mind but you can also make a positive difference in other people’s lives who might be struggling with a mental health crisis or trauma. 

Speaking of organizing your thoughts, you will want to take a deep breath to calm your mind and get a clear perspective before you start to work on outer things. Disorganized thoughts can cause behavioral changes as well, including impulsiveness and exhibiting a higher level of stress. And we know that it is difficult to function at your fullest potential when you are stressed. 

To be productive, you will want to keep your thoughts in order. If you are struggling with organizing your thoughts, you can write it all down in a diary, as journaling has loads of benefits, including the fact that you can put your thoughts in order. 

Recognize Your Pattern

If you make an honest assessment of everything that you have done in the last 48 hours, you will realize that at least for more than 24 hours, the things that you were doing were unnecessary or unproductive. Other things were quite unnecessary as well. 

And if you were to study your pattern, you would see that the same aspect applies to your entire week. Out of seven days, you might have been doing one and a half days of productive things, whereas the remaining things were unplanned and unnecessary. 

Here is what you will want to do: take the time to write down after every two hours a ten-minute diary where you record everything that you were doing in the last two hours. You will want to tally up all recorded periods. You will be surprised to see how much time you actually waste throughout the day, even if you believe that you are being productive. 

So, here is the thing: the key to being productive is not the number of tasks that you are adding to your daily to-do list, but it might start with eliminating everything unnecessary. The best way to have a productive day is by being mindful of the tasks that you place on your plate every day by planning the day in advance. 

Have a Meaningful Approach

To be more productive, you will want to approach your daily tasks in meaningful ways. You will want to understand that sometimes we are not meant to do everything. You can negotiate with team members and get them on board if you feel that someone else needs to work on certain projects.

If offloading your work isn’t an option, you can always outsource the task and get things done by other people. However, if this isn’t an option either, then you can gravitate to economical ways for certain tasks, including integrating technology and software. 

Everything comes down to the matter of one’s judgment. Suppose you have many assignments that you need to proofread and check; instead of doing everything manually on your own and barely meeting a deadline, you might be better off signing up with a proofreader app, such as Grammarly, that will not only save your time but also get the work done more efficiently. 

You get the point – you will want to have a meaningful approach for every task that you have for the day and decide when you would want to do everything yourself and when you would rather outsource or implement technology, software, and other solutions. 

The Takeaway

When it comes to being productive, you shouldn’t be only focusing on the end goals but also the processes that will get you there. You will want to adopt a process-focused mindset so that you won’t fall into the vicious cycle of procrastination. 


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