The Tech Marvels Behind the Vingo App

If you have been using the online running/cycling app called Vingo, then you will be definitely wondering what powers this amazing app. The stunning graphics, the intuitive User Interface, and the best User Experience are all made possible using a few leading technological developments that we are a little familiar with. Here are some of the technologies that run behind you inside the app, while you are running before it.

ANT+ Sensors and Bluetooth For Activity Tracking

The ANT+ sensors are the latest innovation in the activity tracking software industry. This piece of software compiles information from your exercise equipment such as treadmills, training bikes, elliptical trainers, rowing machines, etc. and feeds the data to the app.

The app then uses this data to create visuals on the screen before you. The sensors pick up data such as speed, resistance settings, inclination settings, and the app then uses these readings to accurately create the imagery on the screen. Without this little piece of software your experience with the app can go sideways.

Another common feature in the app is Bluetooth. This software allows you to connect the app with your equipment seamlessly. And yes, the ANT+ sensors relay the data through Bluetooth.

Simulated Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality World

The Vingo App is famous mainly for its virtual reality feature. This is made possible by thousands of lines of codes that were written to create the beautiful maps and sceneries inside it. You will notice the detailed landscapes and well-defined colours in all the maps inside the app. These sceneries will give you your much needed outdoor experience while you work-out indoors. Also, these sceneries were designed based on real locations too. You can find the scenic locations in the maps when you visit these locations.

Digital Avatar and Custom Character Generation With AI

The app also uses an AI software that can create a digital character of the users. You can use this AI to generate your own digital version which will be visible inside the app, and while you are running or cycling on the tracks inside it. The AI takes your selfie and blends it with the app’s base code, thereby matching your looks to the app’s background. The avatars feature is so unique to the app that many competitors have started developing their own AI to generate avatars for their users.

Voice Chat For Active Interaction with Others

Another innovative feature in the app is the Voice Chat feature. This allows you to communicate with fellow sprinters and cyclists in the virtual world. You can talk to them in real time and if you feel like going alone for a while, you can hit the mute button and no one will disturb you. This running cycling app holds a lot more secrets inside it. You can unlock them all by creating your account with the app and adding your profile with it. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and explore the app now.


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