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The Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Housekeeper

A housekeeper is an important member of a hotel’s team. They are responsible for cleaning and maintaining rooms and public areas. They also perform laundry duties, manage inventory and restock amenities.

A strong focus on customer satisfaction is essential for housekeepers. They must have good communication skills and be able to work well with other members of staff.

Clean Bathrooms

It is essential to understand what is a housekeeper before hiring one. A housekeeper is a key member of a hotel’s hospitality team. They are responsible for cleaning and sanitizing rooms, common areas and other spaces to provide guests with a comfortable stay.

Guests want to walk into their rooms and be welcomed by clean and organized accommodations. This is the primary duty of a hotel’s housekeeping department.

It is important to be specific when writing the duties of a housekeeper in your help-wanted ads. This helps you attract the right candidates for the role. A clear and concise list of tasks can also be helpful during the interview process.

Clean Kitchens

A housekeeper needs to be comfortable scrubbing counters and wiping down appliances. They also need to be able to remove and replace dishes, wipe and sanitize tabletops, and scrub the back of sinks.

Depending on the industry, a hotel housekeeper may collaborate with other staff members to ensure their facility operates as it should. They might work with a phone operator who answers requests from guests and sends them to the proper team member, or they might work with runners who carry supplies to guest rooms.

Clean Bedrooms

A clean bedroom can help you feel refreshed and ready for the day. It also helps keep you healthy by removing dust particles and allergens from the air.

On the day before check-in, housekeepers review rooms to determine which are occupied and which need cleaning. They then visit rooms to perform detailed cleaning and prepare them for new guests.

To start, they declutter and move items to make it easier to clean surfaces. Next, they dust the room, including high places like ceiling corners and shelves. They then wipe down frequently touched areas and electronics.

Clean Living Areas

Housekeepers are a key part of hotel and resort cleaning staff. Small boutique hotels might have just a few housekeeping attendants, while larger resorts and brand-name hotels may have several departments and hundreds of housekeepers working across the property.

Laundry is a huge part of the role, which includes transporting and cleaning linen to be ready for guests. The role also involves monitoring the stock levels of supplies and arranging deliveries as needed.

Clean Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor spaces are vulnerable to weather and environmental elements—regular cleaning and maintenance help to prevent deterioration, damage, and fading over time.

A clean outdoor space creates an enticing ambiance and is inviting to both you and your guests. It also helps reduce airborne allergens that can irritate your sinuses and eyes. However, some outdoor tasks require specialized equipment and expertise that housekeepers don’t typically have. Therefore, please don’t ask them to do anything that could endanger them. Instead, find a specialist for that work.

Clean Windows

A clean window provides a clear view and helps to prevent water spots, streaking, and dirt buildup. If you notice any debris on windows, remove it before it hardens.

Some housekeepers work in hotels or resorts, cleaning rooms and common areas. In some cases, they also maintain flower arrangements and potted plants. Depending on the job, they may have to supervise other employees or workers in their area. They need to be detail-oriented and thorough.

Clean Carpets

Housekeepers often clean carpets in hotels, resorts and other hospitality venues. This ensures that guests and clients have a comfortable experience in their rooms.

A housekeeper should also be able to clean and organize living spaces and furniture properly. This includes arranging flowers and other decorative items.

Housekeepers should also conduct room inspections to ensure they adhere to cleaning standards. They may also be responsible for managing laundry and linen services. This includes collecting, transporting, cleaning, and distributing linen on time for guests. They must also restock toiletries and other personal items.

Clean Stairs

When cleaning stairs, start at the top, using gravity to push down any debris. To remove marks from wood, Cohoon recommends mixing warm water with grease-fighting dish soap, submerging a sponge, and wringing it out until it’s barely damp.

Managing and coordinating with other housekeeping staff members is another vital aspect of the job. This includes obtaining and sharing room information with the front office and relaying guests’ special requests to appropriate team members.

Include a clear and detailed housekeeper job description in your help-wanted ads to find qualified, hard-working applicants.

Clean Furniture

Whether cleaning a hotel room for guests or a private household, the furniture must be clean. This includes the beds, curtains and other upholstered items. It is also necessary to vacuum the floors and dust.

Employers look for housekeepers who are detail-oriented and thorough. They should be punctual and dependable, as their work directly impacts customers or clients. They should also be knowledgeable about workplace safety protocols. They may supervise other cleaning staff or train new hires depending on their roles. They are also known as maids, janitors or cleaners.

Clean Laundry Room

Housekeepers may need to clean and organize laundry rooms, depending on the employer. They also may be responsible for restocking personal items, such as toilet paper and tissues.

Housekeepers often work in teams to complete cleaning and organization tasks. This could be a good career if you have excellent attention to detail and enjoy working in groups. Take our free career test to determine if this is one of your top job matches.


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