The Benefits of Using Warehouse Netting For Construction Jobs

Safety netting goes by many names, including construction netting, or warehouse netting. If you own a construction company or are doing construction work around your own home, you may be curious about what the benefits are for using this type of netting. While many of the benefits are specific to a certain construction task, there are a few general benefits associated with a wide range of tasks. Here are a few of those general benefits associated with using warehouse netting for construction jobs.

Netting Helps to Prevent Injuries

Construction is a dangerous job. One of the benefits associated with netting is that it can help to minimize certain types of injuries. Netting can be placed where fall dangers exist. For example, if a multi-level building doesn’t have exterior walls up, netting can be placed around the perimeter to help prevent construction workers from falling off the edge of the building. Or, if a construction worker is working on a roof, netting can be placed around the edge of the roof so if the employee slips, the netting catches them.

Netting Ensures Tools and Materials Are Not Lost

In addition to construction workers falling off of steep edges or multi-level buildings, so too can tools and materials. If a construction worker is working on a roof, they may drop a tool, or roofing materials can slide off of a roof. Netting helps to catch these materials. This helps to ensure that construction worker doesn’t have to stop what they are doing to look for the lost item or materials, which wastes time. It also helps to ensure tools or materials that fall are not lost, which can get expensive.

Netting Minimize Building or Landscape Damage

Finally, warehouse netting or construction netting can help to prevent damage to a building or landscaping. As items, such as tools or materials, fall, they can become damaged themselves, or they can damage the building or cause damage to landscaping. For example, if someone is working on a roof and a tool slides off the roof, it can hit the side of the home, a window on the home, or a bush or tree. This can damage the tool, as well as any other part of the home or landscaping it comes into contact with. A net helps to catch the item before it falls, preventing or minimizing damage.

Whether you are a do-it-yourself, handyman, or own any size construction business, you can benefit from construction or warehouse netting for your construction projects. This type of netting can help to prevent injuries to yourself or your employees, can prevent tools or materials from being lost, and can help to minimize building or landscape damage. There are different types of netting that can be used for different types of jobs, including horizontal or vertical netting and thick plastic netting or metal netting. A professional netting company can help you to select the netting that is best suited for your type of construction project.


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