The Benefits of Owning an Apartment in Turkey for Investment Purposes

Investing in properties is an intelligent choice if you want to secure a long-term financial future. Turkey’s property market provides numerous advantages for those looking to purchase 2-bedrooms flats in Turkey from developer. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of owning an apartment in Turkey for investment purposes.

Buying Apartments in Turkey for Investment Purposes

More and more real estate investors have been looking to Turkey as an attractive option due to its geographical advantage, rapid economic growth, and great incentives from the government. Its strategic location provides a unique opportunity for investment. Owning an apartment in Turkey for investment purposes offers several benefits, including:

  • Rising Property Value: Over the last 10 years, Turkey’s real estate market has seen tremendous growth with an average 32% increase in housing prices between 2015-2020, per public data. It makes properties in Turkey a highly advantageous investment choice for anyone looking to increase their returns.
  • Governmental Incentives: In order to bolster investments into the real estate sector, the Turkish government has put in place attractive incentives like granting of citizenship, tax breaks & other financial perks. These steps are expected to incentivize and bring more foreign investment.
  • Affordable Housing Prices: Compared to other European countries, Turkey offers affordable prices for apartments. Investors can easily find apartments that fit their budget without sacrificing quality or location.

Buying Directly from the Developer

Purchasing apartments directly from the developer offers several benefits, such as:

  1. Lower Costs: Buying directly from the developer eliminates the need for brokers, which saves investors’ money on commission fees.
  2. Customization Options: Developers offer investors customization options such as choosing the layout, color scheme, and fixtures. This allows investors to create a unique space that fits their preferences.
  3. High-Quality Standards: Developers who sell apartments directly are often more hands-on with the construction process. They ensure that all aspects of the building meet high-quality standards and regulations, giving investors calmness.

Residential Complexes under Construction

Apartments in residential complexes under construction are in high demand due to the growing population in Turkey. Investing in these properties ensures high rental yields and potential buyers in the future. Investing in residential complexes under construction is more affordable than buying ready-to-move-in properties. As the property value appreciates, investors can sell the property for a higher price, resulting in a higher return on investment.

Types of Properties Available for Investment in Turkey

According to the Yekta Homes, Turkey has various types of properties available for investment, including flats, duplexes, and apartments in new buildings. Each type has its own advantages.


Flats are the most common type of apartment in Turkey. Property developments near city centers have become attractive to investors because of their affordability and ease of access. These properties offer a great opportunity for potential investors.


Duplexes offer investors more space and privacy. They are often located in upscale neighborhoods and offer stunning views.

Apartments in New Buildings

Apartments in new buildings offer modern amenities, energy-efficient designs, and high-quality finishes. They are perfect for investors looking for luxury living spaces.

The Benefits of Investing in Turkish Real Estate

Investing in Turkish real estate offers several benefits. In the last 10 years, Turkey’s economy has been growing at a remarkable rate, making it an attractive option for property investment. It is predicted that Turkey’s population will reach 100 million by 2040, resulting in an increased demand for housing.

Turkey’s advantageous geographical location between Europe and Asia makes it a perfect choice for businesses that want to enter the world market. The country also provides plenty of opportunities for growth & success.


Turkish real estate investments offer long-term positive financial returns, making it an attractive option for many investors. The potential for growth is quite high and there are numerous advantages associated with this kind of investment. Owning apartments in Turkey has several advantages – its real estate market is on the up, prices remain affordable, and the government provides incentives to foreign buyers.

Investing in Turkish property sector is becoming a great choice, as buying directly from developers & residential complexes under construction provide a number of benefits. These advantages make it an intelligent decision to invest in the worldwide real estate market.


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